Training plans

Is it me or are training plans difficult to follow. Always, when I get part way along, another set of skills becomes more interesting. Its all I can do to stay my hand and not inject a couple of short skills into the front of the queue to deal with an apparent immediate need.

Of course the need is never really that immediate, well unless there is a sudden influx of recruits and I need to bolster my corporation management skills, but the temptation is still there. I think its that as the character develops the skills take longer to train, the rewards take longer to attain, and there’s that desire to get back to the early days when you’d pick up new skills every hour. Now, although there are those new skills just out of reach, it requires a long level 4 or level 5 to unlock them.

Anyway, its under now 2 days before another new skill is available and I’ll be able to finally fit the Nemesis as it is intended rather than as a sneaky torpedo boat. After that it looks like 2 days 10 hours on Metallurgy and Refinery Efficiency to open up 3 more crystals. Then back to support skills. The long awaited Hull Upgrades 5.

I could plan further ahead. Thats going to be the next two weeks though and will have a decent short and long term benefits.


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