Warping towards the gate to our home system I breathed a sigh of relief. The new ship had made it here pretty well. A little combat test along the way and the everything clicked into place. Crew and machine operating in tandem.

There is it was again though. That nagging signal on the system transponder. The Pilgrim pilot was here, cloaked, waiting.

I jumped back into the our home system with my alliance fleet mates. The Pilgrim had been following us and other members of his corporation were reported in nearby systems. I quickly docked and switched to a full PVP fit.

“Fancy baiting them?”, came the call from the FC.

“No problem. I’ll find a belt to rat in”

I aligned the ship, now with 3 huge plates fitted, and warped to a belt. A red appeared in the system. Not the Pilgrim pilot but another old friend.

Chatter on the Intel channel indicated that the Pilgrim and a Proteous were two systems away.

I sat there waiting. Suddenly a Sacrilege warped in and locked me. Almost instantly missiles began flooding my way. I locked him and engaged my warp disruptor, sending a simple “Engaged. Sacrilege”, on the Fleet channel.

Within seconds I was joined by the rest of our fleet; two Vagabonds, a Damnation and an Onyx. More points hit the Sacrilege and drones, missiles, and my own anti matter charges, flooded towards it. Two more reds appeared in system. He was going to have friends soon. With unbelievable ease his shields diminished, armour plate boiled away, and the vulnerable structure was revealed. The ship collapsed sending debris flying into the void.

“Ready. Bubble up”, from the FC.

The Pilgrim and Proteus both flashed in. Seeing there friend’s pod leaving the scene they neglected to hang around, warping off before the Onyx pilot could establish the warp disruption bubble.

“Sorry about that. I was configured for a point”.

“Nevermind. We got a kill and they are unlikely to be back for a little while”.

We docked up and took a few hours well deserved R&R. This new ship was working out pretty well.

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