To See A Pilgrim

I looked again at the directions, then at the portal in front of me. ‘Eschew Quality Parts’ the sign read. Someone had a sense of humour, or an unfortunate name. I walked in.

‘How can I help you?’. The person behind the counter never looked up. Then again, I’m not sure that the ancient looking life-support body had that range of movement.

‘Blasters. Large ones’

‘How many?’, the voice didn’t sound natural either. It sounded a little too clear.

‘Six’. I said hopefully. Actually I wasn’t that hopeful, I’d been all over the station and there weren’t any to be found.


‘Damn. It’ll have to be rails then. Large ones’

A manipulator extended from the body with a transpad attached. ‘Six large railguns. Authorise here’

I checked over the order and touched my thumb to the port ion the pad. A split second later the screen flashed green.

‘Deliver them to Bay 12 please’

I’d bought a brand new Megathron intending to fit it out with blasters. Sadly there weren’t enough to make it worth while, so I fitted it with some rails for sniping and a compromise tank for the journey back home. The hold was jammed full of various parts to allow for swapping between PVP and PVE fits.

I exited the station and aligned to the exit gate. The huge ship moved slowly around so I took the time to sort out the weapon configuration and load the rails. It was going to be fun to see these in action. Eventually aligned the warp drive engaged and the journey home began.

One jump. Two. Three. No one on scan. Wait a minute. A red in system. I hold the cloak and wait. As time ticks by I check the pilot information. Hmmm .. he’s one of the bunch that has been harassing us in our home constellation. Then, before my cloak drops he’s gone.

I align and warp again. Firing a quick message about the red into our intel channel. I hit the gate and jump. The red is in system but not on scan. I start the sequence to get to the next gate as I do this my cloak drops and suddenly there he is. Under 10km away a Pilgrim de-cloaks, locks me and I see the warp engines go offline. Oh well, this is going to be fun.

A flight of Hammerhead II drones spit forth from the enemy ship and start attacking my shields. I release a flight of my own and the battle ensues. My targetting computer eventually gets a lock and I trigger the rails. 425mm anti-matter charges hurtle towards him. Though at this range and his speed I’ll be lucky to hit, if only there had been blasters.

I fire of a message to the intel channel. ‘Pilgrim engaged. He has me scrambled. Any help appreciated’.

I checked my drones. Only 3 left. I popped another 2 out and set them on him. His drones are through my shield now and slowly eating into my armour. I start to repair.

Word came from the intel channel. “How are you doing?”

I checked. The repper was keeping up with the drone damage. “No problems here.”

I looked around, he was kiting my drones. That was keeping him from targetting me with anything though. Suddenly he slowed just as my guns cycled and pow! No shields left.

The dance continued. His drones slowly eating into my armour, me popping out more drones as he destroyed them. Then I got another good shot on him and half his armour disappeared. The count in system went up by two and two ships flashed in to help me. The Pilgrim warped.

“Looks like planet II”. One of my gang warped after him.

I scooped up the T2 drones he’d left behind. They’d deactivated next to me the moment he’d warped. A good exchange for the ones he’d shot.

“Got him uncloaked and pointed”.

We warped to the location.  Targetted and opened fire. The Pilgrim pilot engaged his ECM, broke the lock on the warp disruptor, and warped off again. We tried to pin him down but he’d cloaked and hadn’t repeated the earlier mistake of warping to the destination at 0.

He was still in system though and, as we resumed the trip home, he seemed to be tracking us looking for another opportunity


2 Responses to “To See A Pilgrim”

  1. ah some good reading esk. wish i had been there. sorry for not being active. Modern Warfare 2 has been sucking my soul out slowly

  2. No worries. MW2 is a bit addictive. Spent a couple of hours on it myself last night.

    Oh. There’s more to come on this encounter …

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