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Recon Bait, Best Bait

Posted in Chronicle with tags , , , , on September 17, 2012 by Baa

“Drop the cloak”

The Arazu shimmered into visibility 310km from the hostile POS.

“Keep non-essential systems offline.”

We sat motionless in space looking for a reaction from the ships in the POS.

Nothing …

“Legion is accelerating”

“Hold still”

One of the ships warped from the POS to a spot 150km away. The other ships warped to it and began to burn towards us.

“Wait for them to engage.”

The distance was rapidly closed by the enemy Cynabal. Alarms rang out as a warp disruptor was enaged.

“Enemy has engaged. Bring up the active systems and let’s do our job.”

The warp disruptors lept into action and shutdown the systems on three enemy cruisers as damage started to rain down.

“They are engaged. Come and get them!”

I’d logged on to check a few things but noticed a bunch of people in a fleet channel on comms and a fleet up. Checking I hopped into my trusty Arazu and met up with the fleet two jumps away. We were sitting on a wormhole entrance whilst a couple of recons tried to catch someone.

Our Arazu pilot in the wormhole had to leave so I replaced him monitoring the POS. Sitting the POS were a number of strategic and faction cruisers and a couple of armour logistics ships. I checked my overview and could see three of them moving, apparently orbiting the tower.

Time passed. We chatted in comms. Nothing was happening in the tower.

“How about uncloaking the Arazu and seeing what happens?”, came one of the comments.

“Not a bad idea. Move the Arazu out beyond 300k and we’ll set something up”.

I was 150k from the tower so a warp out and back to my spot a couple of times would do it. I picked a handy celestial and was soon on station.

“I’m 310km from the tower”

“Ok. Hold there and stop, lets get the Rapier close and then uncloak.”. The Rapier was the other recon that we had in the wormhole.

“Rapier in position.”

I waited until my speed dropped to 0.0 and then uncloaked. The only module running was a damage control as it has no external effects.

I continued to monitor the speeds on the ships in the POS. Another one started moving, a Legion. It seemed to be circling the POS though. Still no movement towards me. We waited …

The Legion picked up speed and warped to a spot 150k away. A Cynabal, Loki, and Proteus warped out to it. On landing they started towards me.

“They’ve warped to a load-up and are burning towards me. Standby.”

The Cynabal was closing down at a rate of not, far outstripping the T3s. I counted out the range as it approached.


“Oneiros, jump through the wormhole and align. Get ready to warp”. The FC gave instructions to other members of our fleet. The Cynabal locked me, but didn’t engage. My fingers hovered over the mouse, ready to activate modules, but left them untouched.

The Cynabal engaged. First the warp disruptor, then the hail of autocannon fire slamming into my shields.

“Cynabal engaged. Shields dropping.”

I fired up my modules, and swept into an orbit to reduce the incoming damage.

“Point on the Cynabal, Legion, and Proteus”.

I launched my ECM drones and set them on the Cynabal. With luck I’d get a few jamming cycles.

“Give me a countdown when you are in armour”.

The Rapier had uncloaked and pointed the Loki and was webbing the others to give us a better survival chance.

My shields disappeared and my armour was going down steadily, though slower than I’d thought it would. Tougher than it looks the Arazu.

“Into armour, 80% left”.

“Oneiros warp and rep the Arazu. Everyone else jump and warp in”

The Legion now had an energy neutralizer on me. At this point I missed a trick, I was concentrating so much on keeping points and distance that I forgot to activate the capacitor booster so briefly ran out of cap.

“Armour at 20%”

“Rep the Arazu now”

Just as my hull started to take damage the first Oneiros landed on grid and started to repair my armour. It has been close, only 43% of structure left, but it looked as though I’d survive now.

The rest of the fleet arrive and worked their way through the pointed cruisers. It was at this point that I noticed that the loss of cap had caused me to lose point on the Legion and it warped off. The others didn’t last long once our fleet had arrived, they were heavily outmatched as we’d earlier seen a Moros in the wormhole and had assembled a fleet for that.

It had been closer than I’d thought, the thing that had saved me was our Legion switching on its gang module and boosting my armour. It gave me an extra volley worth that allowed our logistics to keep me alive.

Despite the Legion escaping back to the POS it had been a successful operation. The wormhole dwellers couldn’t resist an apparently afk Arazu 300k off their shields. It did take around 5 minutes for them to bite, but greed got the better of judgement. In total they lost a Cynabal, a Loki, and a Proteus, as well as a pod and we suffered no losses.


Cyno killer Qu’est-ce que c’est

Posted in Chronicle with tags , , , , , , , on July 23, 2012 by Baa

“Cynosaural fields detected. Prepare to Jump”

The jump gate activated and we appeared in the target system. Two cyno beacons appeared on the local scan. Almost instantly warp drive was engaged to get to the fields before they could be used.

“Ships on scan; Magnate, Rifter, Talos class”

“Concentrate on the Magnate and the Rifter. Ignore the Talos”

Dropping out of warp the two frigates were lying next to the active cyno beacons and we started to lock them. With the Talos present it was going to be interesting…

The guerilla warfare is still in progress, popping cyno frigates in transit or before the field can be used. The opposition have got wise to the disruption tactics though and have changed tack. Instead of a single cyno they are lighting two or three, in a couple of different locations in system. They are also starting to guard the ships running the beacon. Initially this was fail defence. There’s no point in undocking a Talos, or an Oracle, or an artillery fit Hurricane, to protect your cyno ship against an interceptor or interdictor. The cyno frigate is going to have popped by the time the battlecruisers have got a lock and the traversal is going to make putting any sort of damage on the small fast ship next to impossible. I have switched from an interceptor to a destroyer, or interdictor though, to reduce the number of shots I need to kill the frigate before warping out.

The last attempt yesterday was different. Again there were two cyno fields, but instead of the battlecruiser a Proteus and Stabber, were undocked. It still didn’t stop me getting the kill, but looting was out of the question, and I did take damage, mostly from drones. I think it’s about time I switch tactics slightly, something that can deliver a lot of damage from range. I have just the ship in my hanger.

Wabbit Season

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The scanner showed a Gallente industrial within 4 AU. Narrowing down the scan field located it near the second planet in the system.

“Warp to the customs post at planet 2”

The engines roared into life and propelled the interceptor through the void at breakneck speed. The industrial remained firmly on scan directly ahead.

As the warp engines disengaged the industrial could been seen next to the customs office. The bay doors were just beginning to close and the thrusters changing the alignment. The captain of the ship must have been looking at his own scanners.

“Get that industrial stopped”

The warp disruptor flicked into life and killed the industrial’s engines before they had a chance to get going.

“Greetings. What are you prepared to pay in order to keep your cargo? Oh, and your ship.”

It’s currently getting near that time of the year when EVE winds down a little. The colleges kick out for the summer and there is a drop in the number of active players. A consequence of this is a drop in the full scale conflicts. This leads to more bit part roams and the hunting of otherwise unworthy targets.

Since I’ve been back I’ve taken part in a few fleet fights, though most have ended before they have begun due to the issues above, but for the most part I’ve been looking around for targets of opportunity, or wabbits as I like to call them. Its not particularly difficult stuff to kill, lone frigates, cyno ships, the odd larger ship not paying enough attention to D-scan. It does help me get back into things though and improve my use of D-scan.

As with all hunting trips its the tales of the ones that got away that dominate. The hulk that was into structure when the rescue fleet arrived. The cloaky hauler that made it to the gate before destruction. Things would look better if a few more of those had gone pop, but nothing is wasted, it’s all more experience.

At the moment I’m hanging around in a small pocket held by the Sons Of New EVE. I’m not sure that they are overly happy about it as they keep chasing me about the systems. So far I’ve managed to evade them, time will tell who will come out on top.

A Quick Kill

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The gate flared into life. Almost instantly the nav comp updated with the name of the new pilot.

It was the same one that had been following me. I powered up the guns, switched on the warp disruptor and waited for him to appear in space…

A couple of days ago I’d jumped to Empire to take part in a little high-sec ganking. It was reasonably profitable and made a change from the usual gangs. I got a little time to play over lunch and, as I was already in Empire, thought I’d spend a little time organising my assets. Like everyone I suppose, I accumulate assets in various systems dotted all around New Eden and a bit of housekeeping never does any harm.

I’d logged in a pod in Inaya and remembered that I had some ships in Airaken so headed there to reship and clear out some of the junk from my hanger. I quickly fitted an Ares from spares and put the remaining stuff on the market. I probably won’t be heading back this way for a bit so its better to sell it now than leave it gathering dust. My next destination was Dodixie, I’ve had a couple of expensive implants for sale there for a while and the market has moved slightly so I wanted to adjust the price. I set my destination and noticed that it took my through a long series of low-sec systems. No problem, I was in a fast interceptor, so as l didn’t meet a smart bombing BS on a gate I’d be fine.

I jumped through the first few systems and noticed a neutral pilot who seemed to be jumping in slightly before I jumped out. I hung around on the gate a little to see if I could get him on D-scan. A Badger Mk II. Interesting …

Ok. I couldn’t engage him on a gate in low-sec. It would be suicide and I didn’t want to lose another ship so quickly. The pilot was from Ultima Rati0 so was probably heading out to low-sec in the post DT lull. Instead of following my nav comp’s direction to Akkio I headed down the pipe toward LXQ2-T. It was a gamble, but if he carried on this way I’d be able to get him as he entered null sec.

I jumped into Paala and got on the LXQ2-T gate. A little later he entered the system. He was heading this way, the fight was on. I jumped…

There were 10 others neutrals in system. That wasn’t an issue with there being a station there, what was a problem was the Cerberus sitting 40km off the gate. Not a good place for me to try and kill the Badger. I pondered my next move…

An Omen joined the Cerberus on the gate. I wasn’t going to catch the Badger here, but didn’t want to head back to low-sec either. I decided to head deeper towards Insmother.

Having passed through the system many times I have tacticals off the gates. I warped to one of these, thus avoiding the bubble between the gates. I warped down to the gate. As I did the Badger appeared 300km off.

I jumped through and burned back to the gate. I thought this was a long shot now. He’d seen me jump through. Surely he wouldn’t jump through now. I waited …

He jumped in. The fight was on. I primed my guns and warp disruptor then waited for the de-cloak.

The Badger appeared 20km away. I locked and pointed him and burned into range. Settling into a lazy orbit I pumped round after round of Caldari Anti-matter into him. I kept half an eye on the gate as his shields collapsed. He still had friends in the next system and I didn’t want to get caught.

As holes appeared in his armour he disappeared from the local channel. The ship was still there and taking damage. He must have logged. Eventually, please improve rails CCP, the last of the hull went and the ship exploded. The pod insta-warped with no chance to catch it. I checked the wreck and warped to a safe then continued on my way.

Fishing in High Sec

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We fancied trying something different as a corp. We’ve been heavily involved in 0.0 battles over the past few months and a bit of R&R was in order. What to do? We’ve done high-sec ganking in Jita. Looking for ships with expensive cargos and popping them in expendable ships. It has its benefits, but is a bit predictable, and there are so many other people doing it. What we wanted was something different.

A high sec fishing expedition. This is an extension of the high sec ganking, or can baiting. When you gank a ship in high sec you need a hauler alt to loot the wreck. Sometimes someone else gets in first and steals your loot. In fishing we create a wreck, filled with interesting looking loot, either side of a popular gate and wait for people to loot it. Once they do they go flashy red to our fleet and we tackle them and see what drops. Its relatively low risk and ethically neutral. We only shoot those people that can’t resist the shinies.

I joined in for an hour last night, sadly just too late to get in on an Orca kill, and flew a gank Thorax over to the gang.

Almost immediately we had a bite, a Caracal that couldn’t resist the wreck. He looted on one side of the gate then jumped through, not realising that we were positioned both sides of the gate and part of the trap was making people think they could jump the gate to escape.

Next was a Harbinger, then a Badger II carrying an array of loot, though none of it worth that much, and another Harbinger.  We then had to re-seed the wrecks.

New wrecks in place the biggest issue was keeping the empty T1 haulers away from them. Although we’d get an easy kill, its unlikely that we’d be able to make a profit on it.

In the next 10 minutes we got another couple. A Coercer and an Armageddon. The pilot gave us a ‘good bait’ comment on local.  I had to log at this point but the gang continued for a another couple of hours.

In the end I had a bit of fun for a bit over an hour, managed to push my total kills for the corp over 200, and got within 1 kill of qualifying for the ship replacement programme for next month.