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Picket Duty

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“Gate fire”, the message was automatically relayed to the fleet commander elsewhere in the system.

“Wait to see them”, came the reply.

“Loki. Proceeding to engage”

“Affirmative. All ships converge on the gate”.

As my Taranis engaged the Loki I waited to see what it was going to do. Would it burn back to the gate and jump through, in which case my soon to arrive fleet mates could follow, or would it engage on this side.

Drones out. It was engaging.

“Loki has aggressed”.

I settled into an orbit and tried to stay alive long enough for the fleet to arrive. The Loki was autocannon fitted and they were making a mess of me. I had to decide what to do. Tighten the orbit to increase traversal, or get further away to increase the range. The Loki had me pointed and webbed so getting close won out. I pulsed the MWD to try and throw the drones.

Where were my fleet mates? Armour was bleeding away and I was beginning to take hull damage. There were over 10 in fleet and so far no one else on the field. Just as my hull collapsed another interceptor and a couple of battlecruisers arrived. Maybe the loss would be worth it.

I warped my pod safe and saw the fleet engage. Then the gate flashed again and three more tech 3 cruisers jumped in to help the Loki. This wasn’t looking good. One by one our ships were lost. All in all a disaster.

The above is a fairly typical description of a pick-up fleet system camp without a recognised FC. You can’t really rely on getting help so engaging is at your own risk. I wasn’t overly bothered about my loss, its comparatively low-cost and expected. I could afford to lose it and, within minutes, was back in its twin. There are obvious lessons from the encounter though:

  • If a Loki engages on a gate in a system full of reds (to him) he’s probably got friends.
  • The second tackle arriving should jump the gate and see what is on the other side.
  • Make sure you know the fleet composition before aggressing. My excuse was that I was tired. However the big shiny Loki sucked me in.
  • Have an FC. Even if its a informal fleet you still need someone to call the shots.
  • Disengage when help doesn’t arrive. This probably wouldn’t have helped given the Loki web, but its worth bearing in mind.

There were some tears over the battle cruiser losses and we tried to catch the T3 fleet as it withdrew but, by the time we’d assembled a credible threat, they were long gone.

A little later I was doing the same thing. Sitting alone on a gate waiting to see what came through. A Caldari Navy Hookbill jumped in, I tried to lock it but it aligned and warped about half a second before I could lock it. I warped in pursuit and landed in a bubble a little way from it.

He was burning away from the bubble towards the gate but not fast enough to escape my lock this time. My warp disruptor engaged and I deployed drones and settled into an orbit with a web on him for good luck. As I was the only other ship around he engaged. I overloaded the guns as we began the dance of death. My shields were depleting quicker than mine but I stuck at it. It would be a question of relative tank.

By the time his shields were gone I’d almost lost all of my armour. I was still confident as the Taranis’ tank is its hull. Sure enough each volley from my guns and drones took huge chunks out of his armour and then hull. I was only 15% into structure when the Hookbill died. I quickly locked the pod and spared him a long slow ride home.

So one loss and two kills, both of which were worth more than my loss. All in all a decent hour of play.



Cyno killer Qu’est-ce que c’est

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“Cynosaural fields detected. Prepare to Jump”

The jump gate activated and we appeared in the target system. Two cyno beacons appeared on the local scan. Almost instantly warp drive was engaged to get to the fields before they could be used.

“Ships on scan; Magnate, Rifter, Talos class”

“Concentrate on the Magnate and the Rifter. Ignore the Talos”

Dropping out of warp the two frigates were lying next to the active cyno beacons and we started to lock them. With the Talos present it was going to be interesting…

The guerilla warfare is still in progress, popping cyno frigates in transit or before the field can be used. The opposition have got wise to the disruption tactics though and have changed tack. Instead of a single cyno they are lighting two or three, in a couple of different locations in system. They are also starting to guard the ships running the beacon. Initially this was fail defence. There’s no point in undocking a Talos, or an Oracle, or an artillery fit Hurricane, to protect your cyno ship against an interceptor or interdictor. The cyno frigate is going to have popped by the time the battlecruisers have got a lock and the traversal is going to make putting any sort of damage on the small fast ship next to impossible. I have switched from an interceptor to a destroyer, or interdictor though, to reduce the number of shots I need to kill the frigate before warping out.

The last attempt yesterday was different. Again there were two cyno fields, but instead of the battlecruiser a Proteus and Stabber, were undocked. It still didn’t stop me getting the kill, but looting was out of the question, and I did take damage, mostly from drones. I think it’s about time I switch tactics slightly, something that can deliver a lot of damage from range. I have just the ship in my hanger.


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As I said we’ve not been doing too many roams lately. I’ve not really been on enough to take out a roam of my own. Last night though I logged on and a frigate roam was being put together. It was late but I fancied a bit of pew so joined up.

The fleet comprised a couple off Corp noobs and a number of bitter old vets. The vets all jumped into Dramiels, my first outing in one, the noobs in an Executioner and a Stiletto. We formed up in UMI and set destination for VFK.

The first jumps were uneventful. We managed to snag a Claw, a Vexor and pod, and a noobship and pod, before arriving at VFK. Our FC jumped in.

“Lots of bubbles here. Jump in and burn out of the bubbles. I’ll check the out gate.”

“245 in system. I have 40 or so on scan. Decent looking fleet.”

“I hope they aren’t on the gate.”

“I’m dead”

Out of practice, our FC had warped to a bubbled gate at zero with a 50 man gate camp on it. His Dramiel was fast but really didn’t stand a chance. On to the next FC.

We headed for a different out gate. Ignored the two frigates on the gate, burnt through the bubble, jumped out and got off the gate quick. Nothing followed so we continued onward through Test space.

We’d spent a bit of time in systems trying to hunt down ratters with no luck at all when I managed to snag a cov ops on a gate. I had him pointed but without a scram I couldn’t stop it getting to the gate and jumping through. The rest of the gang arrived on the gate with me just afterwards.

“New neut in local. Phobos on scan”

“He’s at the ingate”

Now I don’t know about you, but it solo-phobos in 0.0 just has to be a trap.

“It’s got to be a trap”

“Stilleto, warp to the gate and see what happens.”

Our ‘ceptor pilot warped of. Most of the rest of the gang followed.

“He jumped”

“Jump in”

I started to warp to the gate

“Oops. Large gang here. Bubble up”

“Burn back to the gate and jump out”

I arrived on the gate and started to burn upwards.

“Damn. Webbed, not going to make it.”. Another Dramiel down.

The rest of the fleet got through and, with the other fleet aggressed on the gate, we continued onwards. A few jumps later the scout reported.

“Have that gang on scan again, they must have used a jump bridge. Jump through and burn off the gate”

We jumped. Sadly our Executioner pilot was slow to jump, and slow to align.

“Bubbled, and pointed”. Another one down.

At this point we started burning back home. Three jumps out the FC decided to take a little detour to H-PA to see if we could catch a mission runner on a gate. We sat waiting when one of our fleet members reported that his alt had an Armageddon aggressed in D-8, three jumps away. He jumped out and said two more on gate in 92-. We headed to 92-. If we could keep under their guns and burn off if neuted it could be interesting. We headed off to engage the three battleships with our small interceptor gang.

We landed on the gate. The ‘geddons started to scramble the FC and we engaged them. We quickly got it down to half shields when a Tempest appeared on the field, launched Warriors, and started to web his Dramiel. I started locking the Warriors, as they were the biggest threat, and continued to pour shells into the target.

“Burn off, I’m going down”, from the FC. Pop went another Dramiel.

I pulled my drones and burnt off quickly. The Dramiel makes that so so easy, in no time I was 150km away.

We licked our wounds and burned back home. A fun roam, if not that successful. I’m not sure about the Dramiel. I might jump into an Ares next time, the extra warp speed and probe launcher would probably have got us a few more ratters.

A Challenge

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So we’ve got a bunch of new pilots in the corp, some of them not just new to the corp but new to 0.0 and EVE itself. The challenge is how to get them up to speed so that they are able to contribute to our 0.0 PVP without feeling completely useless. The topic has already proven to be a difficult one with conflict between some of the ‘bitter old vets’ and the new pilots. The end result is that some have left, or been forced out.

As one of the bitter old 0.0 vets, who’d would have thought I’d be saying that a couple of years ago, I’ve been called on to help. The idea is that to get them used to fleet operations, and losing ships, that we will have a bunch of frigate roams. T2, or faction, if you can fly them but T1 if you can’t. It might not look that dangerous but a bunch of T1 frigates can make a mess. Where I come in is being asked to FC some of these fleets. Hmmm … not so sure about that. I quite like being the silent inty pilot that gets tackle but doesn’t have any responsibility.

Anyone have any tips?


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“Carrier undocking.”

We watched the huge ship leave the station, lumbering into space. I orbited it, as it edged outside the stations shields, waiting for the interference from the station to drop off enough to be able to target it.

I checked the ID on the pilot and was surprised to see it was the same one that had just docked. He knew our fleet was out here, why was he taking the risk?

I’ve been doing pretty well PVP wise this month, already more kills than any other month, and thought I’d hop on for an hour or so before I went to bed and see what was going on. There was a PVP fleet in 995 camping the station so I jumped into my trusty Ares, well not the same one as before they have a habit of getting blown up, and headed off to join the fleet. I figured that with the core probe launcher I could scan the adjacent systems for ratters in expensive ships and possibly add to the kill total that way.

I burned from Airaken and got there without any incident. I moved through a couple of systems containing ratters as I went but they were hold up in POS leaving the few remaining Angel Cartel to circle the wrecks in the Sanctums they were trying to defend. I soon got to the fleet and sat on a bubble.

They’d had some success already; A Chimera stuck in a radar site. Somehow it had managed to get trapped against some of the objects and was unable to escape when the fleet entered the system. A Myrmidon and Raven stuck in the bubbles the fleet had set up, and a Malediction that thought it could escape when undocking. There were still a few reds in the system, so we thought we’d wait to see if anything else showed up.

I’d been there a while hopping into adjacent systems scanning when comms reported a carrier undocking. He must have known that the fleet was there  so this was a deliberate move. I burned back into system and warped to the station. Comms was busy…

“Point on the carrier.”

“See if you can get a bump.”

“How far is he off the station.”

“Still, well within the docking radius.”

“That was a good bump. He’s picked up a little speed.”

One our our pilots was hurling their Drake at the carrier trying to push it far enough from the station so that it would have to re-approach to be able to dock.

“Drones are out. He’s aggressing the Heretic.”

“Reps on the Heretic. Keep him alive.”

I entered an orbit and engaged my warp disruptor. It was probably superflous given the number of other ships in the fleet, but you can’t have too many points. Our Scimitar pilots repped the Interdictor that was targetted and the carrier pilot pulled in his drones.

“Only a couple more k and he’ll be out of docking range.”

We waited, watching the carrier inch away from the station.

“Has to be close now.”

“He’s docked.”. The disappointment laden voice of the FC announced.

The fleet had been sitting in the system for a while now and some of the members were wanting to move on.

“He’s chatting in local.”

Sure enough the carrier pilot was commenting in local. Saying how he had enjoyed teasing us and that the longer he kept us here without a kill the better. Messages were posted back suggesting that maybe, as such a good pilot, he might like to try again. This went on for a while, in the meantime the pilot that had been bumping the carrier worked his way to a spot under the station.

“This spot should allow us a good bump. I’ll drop a can.”

He jettisoned a can containing a single heavy missle.

“If he comes out again warp to this spot and line up from here.”

“Nidhoggur undocked”

The pilot had decided to take the bait. He’d survived the time before so didn’t see any problem in trying us again.

“Wait for him to be lockable.”.

We waited. Trying to lock the carrier. My target lock stopped reporting him as invulnerable.


“Bump him. Unload your DPS.”

I set into a tight orbit of around 10k, applied my disruptor and starting shooting Caldari Antimatter changes. This was a closer orbit than I’d usually fly, fearful of a scram, but I figured that wasn’t going to be an option. I’d have gone closer but carriers tend to fit smart bombs and I wasn’t brave enough to chance it.

“He’s aggressed. Smart bombing.”

I’d been wise to stay at distance as I saw most of the fleets drones disappear.

Drake, upon Drake, warped to the start spot to try and bump the carrier away from the dock. Some of the bumps were more successful than others, but it was soon moving at a reasonable speed.

“Pretty sure he can’t re-dock now.”

We continued shooting, the shields began to bleed off.


The shields fell quicker. The carrier started to turn.

“He’s turning. Web him. Stop him getting back.”

We started to eat into armour. The carrier pilot, knowing that the game was probably up started typing things into local about how he had another carrier in the station and that it would only take him or day or two to replace it.  Tears perhaps?

With the armour gone the structure was next. It was obvious that he had an active damage control, so the neutralizers weren’t completely removing his cap. Slowly but surely it too disappeared until the last volley of missiles caused it to explode.

Sadly we didn’t managed to bubble to pod and he warped off. Still if ever there was a lesson against overconfidence this was it. He’d been close to being out of dock range the first time. We were much more organised the second time and once he aggressed it was over. By the time his timer ran down he was outside the docking radius. Nice kill though. We’ll have to go back.

Covert Operations

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“Jump bridge opening in 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 …”, the commander’s voice calmly counted down, “4 … 3 … 2 … 1. Jump, jump, jump”

I steered towards the bridge entrance and appeared in a new system. The navicomp confirmed our new location as Messoya.

“Primary is the Huginn Vanessa Sly.”

I swung the ship into operation, locked the target and unleashed a volley of torpedos…

Friday had come around again. No work the next day so I decided I’d just hop on and see if there was anything going on around our space. Luck would have it have one of our FCs was calling for a Black Ops gang. This wasn’t something that I’d done before but sounded fun. I had a torp fitted Nemesis in my hanger, time to make use of it.

Our targets were a set of pirates that had been preying on our ships taking the low-sec route down to LXQ2-T. They usually sat on the gate in one of two systems and picked off solo travellers. Attempts to catch them with conventional fleets had proved difficult. The had scouts out and, as soon as they saw a fleet approaching, they melted away only to come back for the next solo ship. The plan was to drop a bait ship in with a cynosaural generator and, once engaged, our fleet of stealth bombers would bridge through and engage.

Our FC jumped into the target system in an Arazu and burned off the gate. The reds locked and engaged him. He lit the cyno and we all jumped through.

“Target the Huginn. Primary is the Huginn. Secondary is lilpday in the Drake.”.

I locked the Huginn and sent a volley of torpedos towards it. Another volley was launched just before first hit. They would keep sailing off into space as the Huginn was no more.

I switched target to the Drake. This took a few more volleys, but again exploded into space. The rest of the pirate fleet was bugging out. We’d been in self preservation mode, stealth bombers don’t survive long when targetted, so no one had a point on anything else. Our Arazu had gone down near the start of the combat. We’d killed two ships to one, but ISK wise it was fairly even.

The stealth bomber fleet cloaked up and made our way back to our rendevous point. We then cast around in alliance for anyone that could fly a bait ship with a better chance of survival. A pilot in Drake volunteered, as did another Arazu pilot. We sent both into the low-sec pipe to try and get someone aggressed.

The Drake pilot, with another Drake, jumped through the Messoya and proceeded to toy with the pirates around the station undock. They kept undocking, locking up, taking a few volleys and then re-docking. A variety of ships were used, mostly the ones from the earlier gang. We waited on tenterhooks, hoping for them to aggress so that we could jump in.

Meanwhile the Arazu was being aggressed in Maila. Sadly he had to dock in order not to go down. He repaired in the station and our Drake fleet moved to the next system. The pirates had docked with him and they both sat there waiting. This could be interesting after Incarna. A little in station interaction would be fun at this point.

The Drake got in place and the Arazu undocked. An Abaddon undocked seconds later and locked him. The Arazu burnt off the station. The Abaddon opened fire.

“Bridge open. Jump”

We jumped through. Quicker this time, benefitting from the previous practice. We locked the Abaddon as one and torpedoes pounded into it. The shields blinked away, but the Abaddon is an armour tanking ship so that was expected. An Archon undocked. A corp mate of the Abaddon. This could become interesting …

The assault on the Abaddon continued. Its armour steadily depleting as the torpedos thumped into it. The carrier stayed within docking distance, its drone bays quiet. It was probably looking at our fleet and wondering what the outcome would be if it joined in. The Abaddon de-aggressed.

“Overload your launchers. Take him down.”

The siege launchers were barely cooling between volleys but the Abaddon hit structure. A volley later and it was over. All that remained was a wreck and the pilot’s pod.  The Archon docked.

The fight had happened so quickly that the Drakes arrived only to see the Archon dock. The damage had been done now though. For the moment the pirates are wary of a single ship of ours. Who knows, it may be carrying a cyno and have a black ops fleet on standby.

There Be Planets

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A slight change of tack today. I didn’t have any real time to play over the weekend so decided to spend the little time I had on my new(ish) alt.

My primary aim for my alt is to get them into a jump freighter, I’ll then look at getting them into my main’s corp as a logistics pilot. The only problem with this is that, if I stick to the training plan, there isn’t much I can do in the meantime to earn ISKs except maybe a bit of couriering and or market trading. Market trading is out because I don’t have the ISK to speculate, and don’t want to spend the time trucking from place to place. Courier contracts are out for similar reasons. So that left me planetary interaction.

I’ve dabbled with PI with my main in the past, making oxygen and coolant for towers, but it was very much as an aside. It is a bit of a click-fest, but should suit the amount of time I have available to spend on my alt and its possible to drop it and pick it up later if necessary. So I got various skills up to level 3, I’ll training the command centre upgrades to 4 or 5 once I’ve got the first level of Freighter out of the way, and set to it.

I looked for things to produce in the current Empire system, its a 0.5 sec status so only just Empire, and settled on Ukomi Super Conductors as an initial product. Each of the resources needed to create these, Superconductors and Synthetic Oil can be built on a single planet in my current system. This should reduce the amount of transport between planets, and the associated costs.

I established a colony on a storm planet and set up production. The quality of the deposits isn’t quite up to the values I saw in 0.0 space, but its good enough that I can produce 10 Super Conductors an hour with the best command centre I can currently use. I’ve two set of extractors running, each feeding two basic industrial facilities. These produce water and plasmoids that are then directed to a pair of advanced industrial facilities that produce the Superconductors. All of the products are routed to a silo and then from the silo out to the various industrial facilities. I’ve tried without a silo in place but that doesn’t seem to make sense as you’d have to match the inputs and outputs exactly.

I’m not going to have too much time to play this evening either so will look at setting up the Synthetic Oil production line on a different planet in the system. Once I’ve got both running I can look at what I’ll need to do the combining to make my final product. The prospective amount earn per day is only looking at around 2m ISK at the moment. However I should be able to increase that as my skills improve.