I’ve been playing EVE online since the start of 2009. It was something that had interested me in the past but as I have a Mac not a PC it took till there was a native client and I had some time on my hands for me to take the plunge.

The first few months I was out of work, so able to devote some time to learning how the game worked. I’ve spent time in a large 0.0 alliance. Started my own corp with a friend when I found that frustrating. Moved that corp back to 0.0 lured by the riches that can be obtained there. Now back as a corp member in a larger corp in the same spot in 0.0 following a number of alliance shenanigans.

We then got chased out of that space in 0.0 by Red Alliance and their merc friends Pandemic Legion following the great Atlas fail cascade. After moving into Stain with the same alliance I  jumped to a new corp and alliance. We took, and were evicted from, Germinate after lots of good fighting. The corp then hopped off to Venal to join an elite PVP alliance. This turned out to be less than true so we are now back in the previous alliance and living in Delve.

As a player I seem to have transitioned from a carebear, through to an out and out pew-pew merchant. I’ve yet to descend into outright piracy, I’m not sure that that’s me.


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