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Wardecs (or how we all stopped worrying and learned to love the pew-pew)

Posted in Gameplay with tags , , , , , , , on June 15, 2012 by Baa

There has been a lot of discussion on EVE-O forums, blogs, and elsewhere about the Inferno wardec system. The thrust of it appears to be that it has had unexpected consequences so now CCP are going to nerf it and forget it for another few years. This is a shame.

The fact that the impact of declaring a war as mutual was unexpected points to a real lack of understanding and testing within CCP. They really should be taking more care and attention over such fundamental changes. This leads me to believe that this wasn’t unexpected, what was unexpected was the reaction by the CSM. Following the WiS and Aurum PR disaster from earlier in the year, and the massive climb-down from CCP, they’ve felt that they couldn’t afford not to listen to the CSM on this measure so rather than toughing it out and see if an in-game solution could be found, they’ve decided to make a knee-jerk change.

I don’t think that the current mechanic is too far out. It needs tweaking rather than gutting. The proposed changes go too far in that they make multiple changes at once. We’ve already seen that CCP are getting adept at rolling changes since Inferno was released. How about coming up with a number of possible solutions to the perceived problem and applying them one at a time?

Here’s what I’d like to see, to make things less fair:

  • Allies should be able to come to the aid of each side in a conflict. These should be managed by an treaty that could be cancelled by either side with 24 hours notice.
  • Ally cost should be based on ally size. CONCORD are keeping track of who can shoot who, this can reasonably be based on number of pilots and logically fit in a sandbox.
  • Logistics corporations blue to any of the combatants should be valid targets. Mutual blue standings should be enough for a corp to become a target.

Now these could all lead to a forever war throughout New Eden, with the exception of the NPC corps. It’s a risk. EVE is a sandbox, let us rattle it for a bit. Things will settle down once people get used to it.

Anyway onto the lolz. The irony of the Goon complaining about a game mechanic warms the cockles of my heart. I’ve come across one of these mercenary corps (Noir) when they were hired to grief us in our pocket. They were pretty useless against any sort of organised opposition. Surely they should be welcoming the chance to justify the fees they charge?

It’s interesting that the CSM is so much in favour of the changes. I think this shows how unbalanced the CSM is (in terms of representing the player base not in any mental sense). There should be a more even split of players from the different constituencies within New Eden. Its far too easy for the null-sec power blocs to get their people elected.

The real worry I have is that after the release of Inferno 1.1 war decs will go back to the same as they were before and the opportunity to extend the sandbox element will have gone.


Wabbit Season

Posted in Chronicle with tags , , , , , , , on June 13, 2012 by Baa

The scanner showed a Gallente industrial within 4 AU. Narrowing down the scan field located it near the second planet in the system.

“Warp to the customs post at planet 2”

The engines roared into life and propelled the interceptor through the void at breakneck speed. The industrial remained firmly on scan directly ahead.

As the warp engines disengaged the industrial could been seen next to the customs office. The bay doors were just beginning to close and the thrusters changing the alignment. The captain of the ship must have been looking at his own scanners.

“Get that industrial stopped”

The warp disruptor flicked into life and killed the industrial’s engines before they had a chance to get going.

“Greetings. What are you prepared to pay in order to keep your cargo? Oh, and your ship.”

It’s currently getting near that time of the year when EVE winds down a little. The colleges kick out for the summer and there is a drop in the number of active players. A consequence of this is a drop in the full scale conflicts. This leads to more bit part roams and the hunting of otherwise unworthy targets.

Since I’ve been back I’ve taken part in a few fleet fights, though most have ended before they have begun due to the issues above, but for the most part I’ve been looking around for targets of opportunity, or wabbits as I like to call them. Its not particularly difficult stuff to kill, lone frigates, cyno ships, the odd larger ship not paying enough attention to D-scan. It does help me get back into things though and improve my use of D-scan.

As with all hunting trips its the tales of the ones that got away that dominate. The hulk that was into structure when the rescue fleet arrived. The cloaky hauler that made it to the gate before destruction. Things would look better if a few more of those had gone pop, but nothing is wasted, it’s all more experience.

At the moment I’m hanging around in a small pocket held by the Sons Of New EVE. I’m not sure that they are overly happy about it as they keep chasing me about the systems. So far I’ve managed to evade them, time will tell who will come out on top.

Back to Brick

Posted in EVE Online with tags , , on June 11, 2012 by Baa

After a six month leave of absence I’m back in the game and back in Brick Squad in Geminate. It feels good to be back.

So far there’s been a little sov grinding, a few fleet roams, a little bit of defence, but in general its been quiet.