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A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Posted in Character with tags , , , , , , on December 5, 2011 by Baa

After the initial rush of getting on lots of killmails in Delve things settled down into a pattern; login, join fleet, fight blob, die, logoff. This got boring quick. Yes it padded my killboard, and didn’t bleed the ISK too much due to the corp ship replacement programme, but was it really that much fun? Was it worth paying for two accounts a month?

I thought about it and decided that it wasn’t. So what to do next? I looked around and most of the other people that had left the corp were doing pretty much the same thing. I could head back to Empire, remove my old corp from mothballs, or find someone new to play with. I decided to try the latter and found a smallish corp in a smallish alliance based in and around Syndicate. They were all pretty much in my timezone, most of them are in my country, so it seemed like a good idea.

I moved all of my stuff out of Delve and made the carrier jumps over the new base in the north of Syndicate only for a number of the main corps in the alliance to leave and we ended up on the edge of empire. I’m still not sure about the new corp, early days, but its keeping my interest in EVE alive so that can only be good.