Why no personal POS

Can you tell that I’m not getting a huge amount of game time at the moment? I keep thinking about stuff that bugs me. This one is about POS. When you deploy a POS you do so for your corporation, even if you fund and fuel it yourself, its a corporation POS. In order to do so you need to have specific corp roles assigned. Some corps are reluctant to allow new members these privileges as it would allow the newbie access to fuel stores etc on all corp POS. A spy could make use of this to strip fuel from the corp POS and have them offline.

I understand the historic reason for the corp control of POS. Prior to Dominion it was the determinator of sov in 0.0 space. We have other sov mechanics now, isn’t it worth looking a POS and being able to launch them, like other deployables, either for corp or for self?


2 Responses to “Why no personal POS”

  1. I agree with your view – but I imagine that could result in a lot more POS being anchored, which could be problematic. I think you would either have to have a different POS structure for personal use or a different mechanism to allow them to be removed / destroyed.

    • More POS being anchored would mean more POS fuel needed. This increased demand would be good for alternative ISK making; PI and ice mining.

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