What is the CSM?

Literally its the Council of Stellar Management. Functionally its a means of CCP getting soundings from the player base.

How important is the CSM? Well, if the numbers taking part in the election mean anything, not very. Until the CSM election gets votes from a significant portion of the EVE playerbase then its just a talking shop. It’s the single issue lobby group in rl politics. Yes, CCP can listen to it, but if anyone believes that CCP needs to take notice of it they are sorely mistaken.

When its working with CCP to fine tune features, the CSM works fine. When in conflict it cannot do anything but fail. What real leverage does the CSM have? The answer is much less than a lot of the commentators think. I thought The Mittani understood this, sadly it appears that power has gone to his head.

The critics, naysayers, doom-mongers, un-subbers, should bear in mind that no matter how much they have invested in EVE CCP has invested more. All of the CCP staff that are castigated across the Internet have more invested than the players. Perhaps not in time, but their livelihood depends on EVE. Only RMT botters have a similar claim.

This is my second post in as many days about the latest blog banter thing. I just wish we could all get back to playing instead of people forgetting that its flying internet spaceships.


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