Is EVE dying?

I’ve seen posts from Selene, Roc Wieler, and Jester all espousing the same thought, that EVE is dying. They make some interesting comments, and drag out some pretty (or not) graphs, to try and persuade the reader of the truth of this. Is it true?

EVE has changed over the time I’ve been playing, and will continue to change. Not all of the changes will please all of the player base. EVE has players leaving. I’ve seen people I’ve played with leave for real life reasons, mostly because their life didn’t have time for the time sink EVE is anymore. I’ve seen people leave in principle over the NEX store. I’ve also seen some of these return when they found out that the sky wasn’t really falling.

There’s no doubt that the spaceships part of EVE is, for the moment, stagnating. There has been little content over the past couple of expansions that has benefitted those players that like to fly about and shoot other players. The sov changes that came with Dominion have now been gamed in the same way that the POS mechanic was gamed. Its familar, easy to manipulate, and not really a challenge. It needs more work.

PVE content has stagnated as well. Incursion brought some decent stuff, but its too limited, too restrictive, and not available to everyone. It serves as a show piece of how good EVE PVE could be, if they rolled out some of the mechanics around it to the rest of the PVE content. Missions deeply need some love.

Wormhole space was fun, until we settled in it, now its not something that the casual player can jump into and have fun with. The majority of them are now occupied. Anyone jumping into a WH to try and do anything than pass through has a pretty good chance of dying unless they are in a big enough gang to hold off the inhabitants.

CPP have been spending time and effort on the new player experience, to try and bring players up to speed with the complexity of EVE. This is all well and good, but once they get out of the new player experience what next? Things pretty quickly deteriorate into grinding missions, or crushing rocks.

As a player that’s spent most of my time in 0.0, shooting people or trying to make ISK, I welcome the changes that CCP propose to 0.0. The fact that they are intending to do a root and branch rework of 0.0 to make it what it should be. Sadly without spending time on missions, anomalies, and new virgin territories, this won’t last. Things will stagnate again.

I find all of the negative comments about Incarna to be amusing. Many of the same people complained that CCP hadn’t delivered on walking in stations. It had been promised for years but now, when it was delivered, its not what they wanted.  What would make these people happy? Its like the kid in the toy shop that wants everything now.

So is EVE dying? I don’t think so. Its in transition. EVE used to be a game that was solely about flying spaceships. It is still mostly about flying spaceships but its evolving into something more. As with all transitions the road will be bumpy but CCP know what they want in the end. They also know how vulnerable they are if EVE subscriptions drop off a cliff. If you ask 100 EVE players at random what needs to be done you’d get somewhere approaching 100 different answers. Everyone has their own favourite ideas and bugbears. CCP have to rise above that and steer their own course whilst keeping as many people on board as possible.

Looking outside EVE for a moment. Would the iPhone be such a success if Apple had just stuck to dealing with what people thought they wanted from a phone?

Sorry about the wall of text. The tl;dr answer is not yet.


5 Responses to “Is EVE dying?”

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  2. Serpentine Logic Says:

    The iPhone would have crashed and burned if it was unpolished and half-done when released.

    • The initial iPhone had poor data transfer rates and no native apps. These were added later as free updates. It hasn’t been without false steps, iPhone 4 disconnection issues, but holds true to the vision that created it.

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  4. My post about EVE is Dying was actually satirical. I don’t believe EVE is dying at all, and if the post was read, that is made quite clear.

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