Brick Squad = Best Squad?

So, our period of assimilation with the BORG lasted a couple of weeks. Pretty much as soon as we got settled everything went pear shaped.

The Collective was the subject of some corp thievery and lost around 320 billion ISK worth of cash and assets. This, combined with absent leadership, caused a couple of the larger corps in BORG to leave. The Collective then decided that they had enough to do with sorting out the fallout from their theft and decide to wind down the alliance.

This left us again with choices. On of the corps (UNSOL) was heading to Fountain to join TEST, a couple of our corp mates had decided to join them, tempted by the promise to be able to use their super caps I think. They then set about trying to get the better players from our corp to go with them. I considered this briefly but, as the chief instigator was an FC that only succeeded in getting me killed, I decided against that. The choice then was see what happened, or bail and head down to Stain to grief and earn ISK.

The corp then decided to rejoin Brick Squad, meaning that assets would only need to be moved a couple of systems. This was definitely preferable to a long move. So, for the moment, I’m still in Delve and back in Brick with old alliance mates. Fleets in Brick are definitely an antidote to the Merciless, don’t bring it unless it absolutely matches the alliance fit, approach. Its much more casual and, because of that, suits my game time better. I might yet head off to Stain if I can’t find a decent way to make ISK in the next couple of weeks but for the moment Brick Squad = Best Squad.


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