We are Borg

Our stay with Merciless is at and end. It went the way of many relationships. At first everything was rosy, there we good times to be hand, excellent fleets, new comrades, plenty of reds. Our killboards were overflowing with Northern Coalition kills. We took part in large fleets wiping 100s from the field at a time.

Then the NC collapsed.

A lull occured. There were rumours of Sov, we took a number of systems, there were tech moons to fill our corp coffers. There wasn’t a red for 20 jumps.

A foreign holiday was planned to pep things up. We deployed our PvP ships to X-7. Not everyone came though, people were split over a few systems. Fleets were harder to find. There was a language difference between us and the other residents so ‘pick up’ fleets didn’t happen.

We moved again. This time to UMI. A concerted effort was made to get everyone there, to run fleets. There was an Indian summer. The killboards filled again and things looked good.

The roots needed tending though. As is the way in EVE pilots moved on, we needed to replace them. The newcomers were raw and lost ships. They were mocked. Questions were levelled regarding suitability. Some of the other corps deployed to the south, leaving a rump behind. The Alliance leader announced that for real life reasons he would be offline for months, a new leadership was announced, by which time it was too late. The hard fought sov and tech had been left idle for too long. They were lost.

In the end the lack of numbers, direction, and ill feeling had its toll. Time to leave.

We packed our Carriers and moved to a new low-sec staging post. The new direction is clear. We are going to fight. Routes are planned, timetables set, battle will be joined.


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