‘Skill training complete.’

That has never sounded as good as it did yesterday. The long slog through logisitics (moving stuff rather than repping) has now entered the stage where my alt is actually useful. She can now fly a Nidhoggur which means that I’m no longer dependent on other people to move my ships in and out of nullsec. Next is working on the skills to be able to fit it, first for combat, and then for triage.

I’d already spent time on the jump skills for the jump freighter so wouldn’t have to wait for those before being able to make use of it. One problem, not enough cash to buy the ship. All of my main’s cash was sitting in LPs in Guristas space. I could cash in the LPs but would then have to get the next Crystal sets out of nullsec somehow. A bit of a chicken and egg situation. I’d got a decent pay packet this month so splashed out on a GTC, selling one of the PLEX in Jita and using the other to pay for my alt account. I now had the ISK to buy a ship.

I looked at the jump route and set about sourcing a carrier. I could manage to get from lowsec to nullsec in a single jump, the time spent on those skills really were worth it, but not from anywhere that was selling a Nidhoggur. I’d have to make two jumps. My cyno alt was in the wrong place so that was going to be a problem.

Luckily a couple of other people in the corp were looking to move some stuff out of nullsec so I latched onto their cyno chain. I nervously undocked the newly bought, fitted, and insured carrier. Hastily consulting YouTube for a video on how to make a jump. I waited out the session timer, and jumped. Phew, it worked. I was 0m from the station and able to dock after waiting out another session change.

I undocked again, waiting the for session timer is quicker than waiting for the cap to recharge, and jumped into nullsec. Again I was 0m from the station and docked easily. Loading up with stuff I tried to make the jump to lowsec. Nothing happened. It was like one of those scenes from Star Wars where the warp drive won’t engage. Damn, I’d forgotten to fill up the fuel bay. I redocked, loaded up with fuel, and tried again.

Docking I emptied the hold and ship maintenance bay. That felt so much better. I’ve left so much stuff in nullsec before. I still have it scattered all over New Eden. Up until now I’ve sold strandard ships on contracts and made stealthy visits to regions to put the other stuff up on buy orders. I won’t have to do that now.

I switched ships, to the Prowler, and took the new Guristas loot to Jita to sell. That got me back more than the PLEX so I could buy a couple of nice shiny bits for my carrier.


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