A Quick Kill

The gate flared into life. Almost instantly the nav comp updated with the name of the new pilot.

It was the same one that had been following me. I powered up the guns, switched on the warp disruptor and waited for him to appear in space…

A couple of days ago I’d jumped to Empire to take part in a little high-sec ganking. It was reasonably profitable and made a change from the usual gangs. I got a little time to play over lunch and, as I was already in Empire, thought I’d spend a little time organising my assets. Like everyone I suppose, I accumulate assets in various systems dotted all around New Eden and a bit of housekeeping never does any harm.

I’d logged in a pod in Inaya and remembered that I had some ships in Airaken so headed there to reship and clear out some of the junk from my hanger. I quickly fitted an Ares from spares and put the remaining stuff on the market. I probably won’t be heading back this way for a bit so its better to sell it now than leave it gathering dust. My next destination was Dodixie, I’ve had a couple of expensive implants for sale there for a while and the market has moved slightly so I wanted to adjust the price. I set my destination and noticed that it took my through a long series of low-sec systems. No problem, I was in a fast interceptor, so as l didn’t meet a smart bombing BS on a gate I’d be fine.

I jumped through the first few systems and noticed a neutral pilot who seemed to be jumping in slightly before I jumped out. I hung around on the gate a little to see if I could get him on D-scan. A Badger Mk II. Interesting …

Ok. I couldn’t engage him on a gate in low-sec. It would be suicide and I didn’t want to lose another ship so quickly. The pilot was from Ultima Rati0 so was probably heading out to low-sec in the post DT lull. Instead of following my nav comp’s direction to Akkio I headed down the pipe toward LXQ2-T. It was a gamble, but if he carried on this way I’d be able to get him as he entered null sec.

I jumped into Paala and got on the LXQ2-T gate. A little later he entered the system. He was heading this way, the fight was on. I jumped…

There were 10 others neutrals in system. That wasn’t an issue with there being a station there, what was a problem was the Cerberus sitting 40km off the gate. Not a good place for me to try and kill the Badger. I pondered my next move…

An Omen joined the Cerberus on the gate. I wasn’t going to catch the Badger here, but didn’t want to head back to low-sec either. I decided to head deeper towards Insmother.

Having passed through the system many times I have tacticals off the gates. I warped to one of these, thus avoiding the bubble between the gates. I warped down to the gate. As I did the Badger appeared 300km off.

I jumped through and burned back to the gate. I thought this was a long shot now. He’d seen me jump through. Surely he wouldn’t jump through now. I waited …

He jumped in. The fight was on. I primed my guns and warp disruptor then waited for the de-cloak.

The Badger appeared 20km away. I locked and pointed him and burned into range. Settling into a lazy orbit I pumped round after round of Caldari Anti-matter into him. I kept half an eye on the gate as his shields collapsed. He still had friends in the next system and I didn’t want to get caught.

As holes appeared in his armour he disappeared from the local channel. The ship was still there and taking damage. He must have logged. Eventually, please improve rails CCP, the last of the hull went and the ship exploded. The pod insta-warped with no chance to catch it. I checked the wreck and warped to a safe then continued on my way.


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