Nullsec dev blog (nullsec development: rules and guidelines)

So a day after I rise like Lazarus from the dead CCP Greyscale publishes a starting point devblog about nullsec development. I´d like to think that I had something to do with it, but I´m not that vain.

The dev blog, for the most part, seem pretty reasonable. It points out some of the issues with nullsec, and states what CCPs aims are for nullsec. The section titled The functional role of Nullsec being a pretty good summary. The Nullsec Development rules are, similarly, pretty good. I just take exception to one statement from each

Nullsec is a place that allows us to distribute high-value resources in a balanced way


Nullsec moneymaking activities should be generally competitive with one another, and therefore pay out more than equivalent activities elsewhere

Why? This is a statement of preserving the status quo, but there is no reasoning behind it. It is safer to make money in nullsec, especially deep in large alliance nullsec systems, than anywhere else. Why should the rewards be higher. I could deal with them being on a par, but higher is a stretch.

As an example. Last night we decided to go suicide ganking in high sec. Its something that we do from time to time. We loaded up with cheap artillery battleships and waited on gates for pimped out mission running ships. We scanned them, shot them, had an alt collect the loot and made money. Various people in local knew what we were doing but were powerless to stop us. It was impossible for them to engage us without a wardec, which would be too expensive and take too long to allow them to shoot.

In nullsec if you see a gate camp near a mission running, or other high value, system you can get a fleet together and bust it. The mission runners/miners/plex runners, I won´t use the perjorative term carebear, are safer in nullsec than in high sec. So why should we earn more, for doing the same thing, in nullsec than they do in high sec?

The rebalancing of EVE will only be tinkering around the edges until address the economic imbalance between nullsec and Empire. Sadly this dev blog shows that this isn´t even on the agenda. In fact it confirms that they are happy with the current balance.


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