More movement and sov

So here we are back in K3. Our deployment to X-7 and UMI having been pretty much a disaster. The whole alliance lost focus as the leaders dabbled with Sov. We have now regrouped and purged the blue list so as to have a bit more pew-pew.

This whole exercise has thrown up the fact that CCPs intentions with the Dominion changes have failed. Prior to dominion Sov warfare was a painful exercise of POS bashing with the alliance with the most pilots and ISK winning. Now the mechanism has changed but that is about it. Its just that now its all about who can field the most MoMs. That said I don´t see how changes to the mechanics will change anything.

The problem CCP faces is that whatever they do to enable smaller alliances gain Sov it will undoubtedly be exploited by larger alliances to stop them. The only way around this is artifical limits. These are against the spirit of the sandbox, and would just be gamed anyway so wouldn´t work. If the was a limit on the number of systems an alliance could hold, alliances would split and form loose confederations.

The only real solution is a large-scale nerf of nullsec income. Its so easy to make ISK in nullsec that the losses that we´ve seen in the past few months haven´t really had an impact. As a 40m SP pilot in Venal I can make a billion a week without too much effort. Make resource in null-sec more scarce. Force the large alliances to have to deal with Empire in a real way, rather than just flooding Jita with their loot. That would remove farming from null-sec and probably allow better exploitation of it.


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