As I said we’ve not been doing too many roams lately. I’ve not really been on enough to take out a roam of my own. Last night though I logged on and a frigate roam was being put together. It was late but I fancied a bit of pew so joined up.

The fleet comprised a couple off Corp noobs and a number of bitter old vets. The vets all jumped into Dramiels, my first outing in one, the noobs in an Executioner and a Stiletto. We formed up in UMI and set destination for VFK.

The first jumps were uneventful. We managed to snag a Claw, a Vexor and pod, and a noobship and pod, before arriving at VFK. Our FC jumped in.

“Lots of bubbles here. Jump in and burn out of the bubbles. I’ll check the out gate.”

“245 in system. I have 40 or so on scan. Decent looking fleet.”

“I hope they aren’t on the gate.”

“I’m dead”

Out of practice, our FC had warped to a bubbled gate at zero with a 50 man gate camp on it. His Dramiel was fast but really didn’t stand a chance. On to the next FC.

We headed for a different out gate. Ignored the two frigates on the gate, burnt through the bubble, jumped out and got off the gate quick. Nothing followed so we continued onward through Test space.

We’d spent a bit of time in systems trying to hunt down ratters with no luck at all when I managed to snag a cov ops on a gate. I had him pointed but without a scram I couldn’t stop it getting to the gate and jumping through. The rest of the gang arrived on the gate with me just afterwards.

“New neut in local. Phobos on scan”

“He’s at the ingate”

Now I don’t know about you, but it solo-phobos in 0.0 just has to be a trap.

“It’s got to be a trap”

“Stilleto, warp to the gate and see what happens.”

Our ‘ceptor pilot warped of. Most of the rest of the gang followed.

“He jumped”

“Jump in”

I started to warp to the gate

“Oops. Large gang here. Bubble up”

“Burn back to the gate and jump out”

I arrived on the gate and started to burn upwards.

“Damn. Webbed, not going to make it.”. Another Dramiel down.

The rest of the fleet got through and, with the other fleet aggressed on the gate, we continued onwards. A few jumps later the scout reported.

“Have that gang on scan again, they must have used a jump bridge. Jump through and burn off the gate”

We jumped. Sadly our Executioner pilot was slow to jump, and slow to align.

“Bubbled, and pointed”. Another one down.

At this point we started burning back home. Three jumps out the FC decided to take a little detour to H-PA to see if we could catch a mission runner on a gate. We sat waiting when one of our fleet members reported that his alt had an Armageddon aggressed in D-8, three jumps away. He jumped out and said two more on gate in 92-. We headed to 92-. If we could keep under their guns and burn off if neuted it could be interesting. We headed off to engage the three battleships with our small interceptor gang.

We landed on the gate. The ‘geddons started to scramble the FC and we engaged them. We quickly got it down to half shields when a Tempest appeared on the field, launched Warriors, and started to web his Dramiel. I started locking the Warriors, as they were the biggest threat, and continued to pour shells into the target.

“Burn off, I’m going down”, from the FC. Pop went another Dramiel.

I pulled my drones and burnt off quickly. The Dramiel makes that so so easy, in no time I was 150km away.

We licked our wounds and burned back home. A fun roam, if not that successful. I’m not sure about the Dramiel. I might jump into an Ares next time, the extra warp speed and probe launcher would probably have got us a few more ratters.


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