Black Ops

I’ve been training an alt for what seems like forever, but is in fact just over six months. The idea was to create an alt that could do all of my 0.0 logisitics. So the priorities were Transport Ships (done), Jump Freighters (done), and Carrier (one skill away). I don’t know what made me do it, it could have been getting Battleship V, but I checked what other ships I’d picked up along the way and it turns out that I can fly a Black Ops.

This was quite fun I think because it was totally unexpected. I’m now taking a short detour in the carrier plan to train Astrometrics to enable me to use a Covert Jump Portal Generator. I wouldn’t feel confident taking the ship into combat but that’s not the point with it. I can park up in a safe POS and jump our corp Black Ops gang around. I guess that’s still logistics.

Ship wise it’ll be a Panther I’m buying in a couple of weeks when the last level of Astrometrics finishes training. I’ll then have to look and see if I need to move my cyno alts around. Black Ops jump range isn’t that of the JF or Carrier. I reckon I can still make it to the corporations current base without too much incident.


2 Responses to “Black Ops”

  1. Nice – although Astrometrics V and Cynosaural Field Theory V (to allow you to use them properly) are a bit of a hard slog.

  2. Compared with the slog for battleship V both of these are easily manageable 🙂

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