A Challenge

So we’ve got a bunch of new pilots in the corp, some of them not just new to the corp but new to 0.0 and EVE itself. The challenge is how to get them up to speed so that they are able to contribute to our 0.0 PVP without feeling completely useless. The topic has already proven to be a difficult one with conflict between some of the ‘bitter old vets’ and the new pilots. The end result is that some have left, or been forced out.

As one of the bitter old 0.0 vets, who’d would have thought I’d be saying that a couple of years ago, I’ve been called on to help. The idea is that to get them used to fleet operations, and losing ships, that we will have a bunch of frigate roams. T2, or faction, if you can fly them but T1 if you can’t. It might not look that dangerous but a bunch of T1 frigates can make a mess. Where I come in is being asked to FC some of these fleets. Hmmm … not so sure about that. I quite like being the silent inty pilot that gets tackle but doesn’t have any responsibility.

Anyone have any tips?


2 Responses to “A Challenge”

  1. Comms are always first. If you cannot tell them what to do or they cannot tell you what they see then you are a mob, not a fleet.


    • Yeah. Comms has to be mandatory. No one on comms that isn’t in fleet too, and no one on fleet that isn’t with the fleet. Have to guard against spies.

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