In a Galaxy far, far, away …

It’s been a long time since the last update. Politically it wasn’t really good to post for ‘intelligence’ reasons. Not a good excuse but the only one I’ve got. Well that and they changed the proxy at work so I couldn’t get to WordPress.

This is a quick update with the promise of more to come later. In the past months we’ve:

– Lost space to DRF. It was bound to happen in the end but it’s still a shame it was fun whilst it lasted.

– Changed alliance to one that doesn’t care about sov but is interested in pew-pew. We are now part of Merciless which is fun.

– Helped provoke the fail cascade of the all powerful NC. Well, after being abandoned in Gem what did they expect?

So lots of fun and killing people. Sadly RL changes mean less time to play. That said I’m doing more in the time I am playing so it all balances out.

More later on character progression and ships and fittings.


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