Fishing in High Sec

We fancied trying something different as a corp. We’ve been heavily involved in 0.0 battles over the past few months and a bit of R&R was in order. What to do? We’ve done high-sec ganking in Jita. Looking for ships with expensive cargos and popping them in expendable ships. It has its benefits, but is a bit predictable, and there are so many other people doing it. What we wanted was something different.

A high sec fishing expedition. This is an extension of the high sec ganking, or can baiting. When you gank a ship in high sec you need a hauler alt to loot the wreck. Sometimes someone else gets in first and steals your loot. In fishing we create a wreck, filled with interesting looking loot, either side of a popular gate and wait for people to loot it. Once they do they go flashy red to our fleet and we tackle them and see what drops. Its relatively low risk and ethically neutral. We only shoot those people that can’t resist the shinies.

I joined in for an hour last night, sadly just too late to get in on an Orca kill, and flew a gank Thorax over to the gang.

Almost immediately we had a bite, a Caracal that couldn’t resist the wreck. He looted on one side of the gate then jumped through, not realising that we were positioned both sides of the gate and part of the trap was making people think they could jump the gate to escape.

Next was a Harbinger, then a Badger II carrying an array of loot, though none of it worth that much, and another Harbinger.  We then had to re-seed the wrecks.

New wrecks in place the biggest issue was keeping the empty T1 haulers away from them. Although we’d get an easy kill, its unlikely that we’d be able to make a profit on it.

In the next 10 minutes we got another couple. A Coercer and an Armageddon. The pilot gave us a ‘good bait’ comment on local.  I had to log at this point but the gang continued for a another couple of hours.

In the end I had a bit of fun for a bit over an hour, managed to push my total kills for the corp over 200, and got within 1 kill of qualifying for the ship replacement programme for next month.


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