Bye bye Jump Bridges

Ah, the perils of blogging. Just as you get on a roll along comes real life and side swipes you so you aren’t able to update as often. I’ve still been playing a little but time has been so restricted that given the choice of a bit of pew-pew and writing an update the blog, I’m sorry to say, misses out. I have still be reading when I can though, and that has led to this post.

I’ve been reading the latest CSM/CCP meeting minutes and, even though the first two tried to induce a coma, read the 3rd part yesterday. It started off as normal, then when it got to the discussion about 0.0 went completely crazy.

No opposition to the removal of jump bridges? CCP Grayscale respond to that with “sweet!”. Looks like they are on their last legs. Perhaps they won’t even last the year.

Looking back over the past 6 months play jump bridges have played a major part. Either our own, to move force quickly to repell invaders, or Solar Fleet using theirs to quickly move forces close to our borders.  Their removal will have a big impact on how we do things.

  • No quick relocation of ships from one system to another. I moved my PVP hanger to our border station in 20 minutes. All it took was warps to the jump bridge and back in either system. The most time was spent waiting to be able to get into a new ship in the station.
  • No quick logistics pulling PI products back to Empire bordering systems.
  • Every journey will be made the long way. This isn’t too much of a problem, its only relatively recently that I’ve been in an alliance with JBs that exist to traverse space rather than being tactical. I’m used to having to fly many jumps to get somewhere.

What impact will the change have? It will make it harder to defend large chunks of space. Moving the blob will be slower. This may lead to smaller fights, it might also mean an increase in conflict. An attacker knows where they are going, a defender has to be able to muster forces at the target. Jump bridges help to even this out a little, so much so that a good attacker will look to disable them before attacking in force, or lay a trap at a known jump bridge. In the end it will probably lead to less space held, and more opportunities for smaller alliances to hold space in their own right.

The other thing that stood out was the nerfing of super carriers. Its going to happen. The only question is what shape the nerf takes. It has to happen, they are the win button of EVE at the moment. The only way to defeat them is to field more than the other side. Their destructive power was demonstrated last night. A carrier was in triage on a station in Maila. One of our corp tackled and we jumped in two Nyx. Around 30 seconds later the carrier was down.

I’d expect major changes to super carriers in the next 12 months. Enjoy their power whilst you can.

2 Responses to “Bye bye Jump Bridges”

  1. I doubt the removal of jump bridge networks would free up space for small alliances. Some alliances will probably make less use of their space – but they won’t just abandon their buffer zones. I also expect that the PVPers salivating at the thought of more people jumping into their gate camps will also end up disappointed. People will just centralise on systems, move less, and rely more on carrier and jump freighters.

    • There was talk in the CSM minutes about nerfing jump freighters as well.

      I concede that the alliances will want to keep their buffer zones, but will this be practical without jump bridges? I don’t know, I suspect that some of the outer regions will go.

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