Quiet Times

With the upcoming holiday season I’ve been getting prepared for that and not had too much playtime for the past week. I’m probably going to be a bit restricted for the next week too so updates will be few and far between. Its a little difficult to PVP if you’ve only got an hour or so, it can take that long to get to the right location at times, and as this is all my main is doing at the moment logins are just to keep my skill queue running.

The hour or so is enough to work on PI with my alt though. I’ve scanned around the nearby systems and found one with a better collection of planets, than the one I’m currently based in. I dropped my first Elite Command Centre on a Gas planet there and rigged it up to extract all of the resources it can. I’m looking at three extraction planets and one processing planet at the moment. This should allow me to keep production running flat out and generate a decent income. I’ll probably switch to four planets in a couple of days when I can run an extra command centre.

I’m aiming to be able to finance my alt from the PI, paying for training books and ships first, then hopefully PLEXes. It could be that I need to move to 0.o for the more abundant resources available there. Which will be a shame because I’d need to train another toon as an out of corp hauling alt. If its necessary though I’ll do it.

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