All Gone

The learning skills points came, they tempted me for an hour or so, and now they are all gone.

I logged on yesterday to a few corp mails saying that we should spend our learning skill rebates getting closer to getting into a carrier. I thought about it for a nano second but I don’t plan on putting my main into a carrier. Its just wasted training for me so I defied orders. Oops.

Instead I spent the points for my main on Interceptor V and a few other supporting skills such as Astrometic Rigging IV, Siege Warfare Specialist I-IV, etc. This has improved my ability to fly the ships I fly all the time, which to me is better than something I’m not training for and wouldn’t be able to fly till the middle of next year.

The point on my alt went into PI so I can now use elite command centres. The plan here is that my alt will be in a carrier by the middle of next year so I’ll apply to the corp then and have a carrier capable pilot. It will take the rest of the year to be able to do useful stuff in it, but it will be a start.


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