“Carrier undocking.”

We watched the huge ship leave the station, lumbering into space. I orbited it, as it edged outside the stations shields, waiting for the interference from the station to drop off enough to be able to target it.

I checked the ID on the pilot and was surprised to see it was the same one that had just docked. He knew our fleet was out here, why was he taking the risk?

I’ve been doing pretty well PVP wise this month, already more kills than any other month, and thought I’d hop on for an hour or so before I went to bed and see what was going on. There was a PVP fleet in 995 camping the station so I jumped into my trusty Ares, well not the same one as before they have a habit of getting blown up, and headed off to join the fleet. I figured that with the core probe launcher I could scan the adjacent systems for ratters in expensive ships and possibly add to the kill total that way.

I burned from Airaken and got there without any incident. I moved through a couple of systems containing ratters as I went but they were hold up in POS leaving the few remaining Angel Cartel to circle the wrecks in the Sanctums they were trying to defend. I soon got to the fleet and sat on a bubble.

They’d had some success already; A Chimera stuck in a radar site. Somehow it had managed to get trapped against some of the objects and was unable to escape when the fleet entered the system. A Myrmidon and Raven stuck in the bubbles the fleet had set up, and a Malediction that thought it could escape when undocking. There were still a few reds in the system, so we thought we’d wait to see if anything else showed up.

I’d been there a while hopping into adjacent systems scanning when comms reported a carrier undocking. He must have known that the fleet was there  so this was a deliberate move. I burned back into system and warped to the station. Comms was busy…

“Point on the carrier.”

“See if you can get a bump.”

“How far is he off the station.”

“Still, well within the docking radius.”

“That was a good bump. He’s picked up a little speed.”

One our our pilots was hurling their Drake at the carrier trying to push it far enough from the station so that it would have to re-approach to be able to dock.

“Drones are out. He’s aggressing the Heretic.”

“Reps on the Heretic. Keep him alive.”

I entered an orbit and engaged my warp disruptor. It was probably superflous given the number of other ships in the fleet, but you can’t have too many points. Our Scimitar pilots repped the Interdictor that was targetted and the carrier pilot pulled in his drones.

“Only a couple more k and he’ll be out of docking range.”

We waited, watching the carrier inch away from the station.

“Has to be close now.”

“He’s docked.”. The disappointment laden voice of the FC announced.

The fleet had been sitting in the system for a while now and some of the members were wanting to move on.

“He’s chatting in local.”

Sure enough the carrier pilot was commenting in local. Saying how he had enjoyed teasing us and that the longer he kept us here without a kill the better. Messages were posted back suggesting that maybe, as such a good pilot, he might like to try again. This went on for a while, in the meantime the pilot that had been bumping the carrier worked his way to a spot under the station.

“This spot should allow us a good bump. I’ll drop a can.”

He jettisoned a can containing a single heavy missle.

“If he comes out again warp to this spot and line up from here.”

“Nidhoggur undocked”

The pilot had decided to take the bait. He’d survived the time before so didn’t see any problem in trying us again.

“Wait for him to be lockable.”.

We waited. Trying to lock the carrier. My target lock stopped reporting him as invulnerable.


“Bump him. Unload your DPS.”

I set into a tight orbit of around 10k, applied my disruptor and starting shooting Caldari Antimatter changes. This was a closer orbit than I’d usually fly, fearful of a scram, but I figured that wasn’t going to be an option. I’d have gone closer but carriers tend to fit smart bombs and I wasn’t brave enough to chance it.

“He’s aggressed. Smart bombing.”

I’d been wise to stay at distance as I saw most of the fleets drones disappear.

Drake, upon Drake, warped to the start spot to try and bump the carrier away from the dock. Some of the bumps were more successful than others, but it was soon moving at a reasonable speed.

“Pretty sure he can’t re-dock now.”

We continued shooting, the shields began to bleed off.


The shields fell quicker. The carrier started to turn.

“He’s turning. Web him. Stop him getting back.”

We started to eat into armour. The carrier pilot, knowing that the game was probably up started typing things into local about how he had another carrier in the station and that it would only take him or day or two to replace it.  Tears perhaps?

With the armour gone the structure was next. It was obvious that he had an active damage control, so the neutralizers weren’t completely removing his cap. Slowly but surely it too disappeared until the last volley of missiles caused it to explode.

Sadly we didn’t managed to bubble to pod and he warped off. Still if ever there was a lesson against overconfidence this was it. He’d been close to being out of dock range the first time. We were much more organised the second time and once he aggressed it was over. By the time his timer ran down he was outside the docking radius. Nice kill though. We’ll have to go back.


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