Moar Planets

I’ve got two colonies established, waiting for the update and learning skill points before establishing another, producing Super Conductors and Synthetic Oil. They produce a steady, but limited, amount each day. I can use these products to create my Ukomi Superconductors, and eventually Nano Factories. Still, with the current organisation I have, I can’t see me making vast riches from PI and am wondering about a change in approach.

At the moment I am producing the tier 2 products (Super Conductors and Synthetic Oil) on the planet I am extracting the raw materials on. The reason for doing this is to minimize the fees I pay exporting and importing goods from the planets. The problem with this approach is that you spend CPU on the tier 2 factories which means that you can extract less of each raw material. I’m considering a switch to only producing tier 1 goods on the extraction planets and setting aside a planet for the tier 2+ processing. This would mean more ferrying of goods around but might streamline my processing a little.

I know I could build a spreadsheet to work out the relative benefits of each approach but, to be honest, I’m not that committed. I spend too much team at work checking things, and filling in spreadsheets and the like, I’d rather take a simpler approach to my play. Anyone have any experience that they’d like to share?


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