No Incursions here

There does seem to be a bit of a buzz about the Sansha Incursions. I’ve seen a couple of messages in alliance chat about up coming incursions, with people trying to get people to go along with them. We’ve even had a Sansha carrier appear on our killboard (What’s with that? Why are people getting killmails for PVE content?). To be honest though I’m a bit meh about it. Unless the Incursions start impacting the space I’m in its not something that I’m going to bother with.

That said there could be some interesting side effects. Not least, if the incursion takes hold, a flow of refugees through our systems would provide us with more targets. As  well as the fact that war is always good for business. Still, it seems a little forced to have these things intruding on our sandbox. Maybe its just me, but one of the the things about EVE is that the narrative is player driven. I’d rather the time be spent improving the intelligence of the existing PVE content, and CONCORD (pilot X is in Jita and has been ganking people solidly for the last couple of hours. CONCORD still don’t turn up until he shoots something else. At some point you have to be KOS), than having a pirate invasion.

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