Covert Operations

“Jump bridge opening in 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 …”, the commander’s voice calmly counted down, “4 … 3 … 2 … 1. Jump, jump, jump”

I steered towards the bridge entrance and appeared in a new system. The navicomp confirmed our new location as Messoya.

“Primary is the Huginn Vanessa Sly.”

I swung the ship into operation, locked the target and unleashed a volley of torpedos…

Friday had come around again. No work the next day so I decided I’d just hop on and see if there was anything going on around our space. Luck would have it have one of our FCs was calling for a Black Ops gang. This wasn’t something that I’d done before but sounded fun. I had a torp fitted Nemesis in my hanger, time to make use of it.

Our targets were a set of pirates that had been preying on our ships taking the low-sec route down to LXQ2-T. They usually sat on the gate in one of two systems and picked off solo travellers. Attempts to catch them with conventional fleets had proved difficult. The had scouts out and, as soon as they saw a fleet approaching, they melted away only to come back for the next solo ship. The plan was to drop a bait ship in with a cynosaural generator and, once engaged, our fleet of stealth bombers would bridge through and engage.

Our FC jumped into the target system in an Arazu and burned off the gate. The reds locked and engaged him. He lit the cyno and we all jumped through.

“Target the Huginn. Primary is the Huginn. Secondary is lilpday in the Drake.”.

I locked the Huginn and sent a volley of torpedos towards it. Another volley was launched just before first hit. They would keep sailing off into space as the Huginn was no more.

I switched target to the Drake. This took a few more volleys, but again exploded into space. The rest of the pirate fleet was bugging out. We’d been in self preservation mode, stealth bombers don’t survive long when targetted, so no one had a point on anything else. Our Arazu had gone down near the start of the combat. We’d killed two ships to one, but ISK wise it was fairly even.

The stealth bomber fleet cloaked up and made our way back to our rendevous point. We then cast around in alliance for anyone that could fly a bait ship with a better chance of survival. A pilot in Drake volunteered, as did another Arazu pilot. We sent both into the low-sec pipe to try and get someone aggressed.

The Drake pilot, with another Drake, jumped through the Messoya and proceeded to toy with the pirates around the station undock. They kept undocking, locking up, taking a few volleys and then re-docking. A variety of ships were used, mostly the ones from the earlier gang. We waited on tenterhooks, hoping for them to aggress so that we could jump in.

Meanwhile the Arazu was being aggressed in Maila. Sadly he had to dock in order not to go down. He repaired in the station and our Drake fleet moved to the next system. The pirates had docked with him and they both sat there waiting. This could be interesting after Incarna. A little in station interaction would be fun at this point.

The Drake got in place and the Arazu undocked. An Abaddon undocked seconds later and locked him. The Arazu burnt off the station. The Abaddon opened fire.

“Bridge open. Jump”

We jumped through. Quicker this time, benefitting from the previous practice. We locked the Abaddon as one and torpedoes pounded into it. The shields blinked away, but the Abaddon is an armour tanking ship so that was expected. An Archon undocked. A corp mate of the Abaddon. This could become interesting …

The assault on the Abaddon continued. Its armour steadily depleting as the torpedos thumped into it. The carrier stayed within docking distance, its drone bays quiet. It was probably looking at our fleet and wondering what the outcome would be if it joined in. The Abaddon de-aggressed.

“Overload your launchers. Take him down.”

The siege launchers were barely cooling between volleys but the Abaddon hit structure. A volley later and it was over. All that remained was a wreck and the pilot’s pod.  The Archon docked.

The fight had happened so quickly that the Drakes arrived only to see the Archon dock. The damage had been done now though. For the moment the pirates are wary of a single ship of ours. Who knows, it may be carrying a cyno and have a black ops fleet on standby.


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