There Be Planets

A slight change of tack today. I didn’t have any real time to play over the weekend so decided to spend the little time I had on my new(ish) alt.

My primary aim for my alt is to get them into a jump freighter, I’ll then look at getting them into my main’s corp as a logistics pilot. The only problem with this is that, if I stick to the training plan, there isn’t much I can do in the meantime to earn ISKs except maybe a bit of couriering and or market trading. Market trading is out because I don’t have the ISK to speculate, and don’t want to spend the time trucking from place to place. Courier contracts are out for similar reasons. So that left me planetary interaction.

I’ve dabbled with PI with my main in the past, making oxygen and coolant for towers, but it was very much as an aside. It is a bit of a click-fest, but should suit the amount of time I have available to spend on my alt and its possible to drop it and pick it up later if necessary. So I got various skills up to level 3, I’ll training the command centre upgrades to 4 or 5 once I’ve got the first level of Freighter out of the way, and set to it.

I looked for things to produce in the current Empire system, its a 0.5 sec status so only just Empire, and settled on Ukomi Super Conductors as an initial product. Each of the resources needed to create these, Superconductors and Synthetic Oil can be built on a single planet in my current system. This should reduce the amount of transport between planets, and the associated costs.

I established a colony on a storm planet and set up production. The quality of the deposits isn’t quite up to the values I saw in 0.0 space, but its good enough that I can produce 10 Super Conductors an hour with the best command centre I can currently use. I’ve two set of extractors running, each feeding two basic industrial facilities. These produce water and plasmoids that are then directed to a pair of advanced industrial facilities that produce the Superconductors. All of the products are routed to a silo and then from the silo out to the various industrial facilities. I’ve tried without a silo in place but that doesn’t seem to make sense as you’d have to match the inputs and outputs exactly.

I’m not going to have too much time to play this evening either so will look at setting up the Synthetic Oil production line on a different planet in the system. Once I’ve got both running I can look at what I’ll need to do the combining to make my final product. The prospective amount earn per day is only looking at around 2m ISK at the moment. However I should be able to increase that as my skills improve.


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