Moar Scouting

“Bubble on the in gate. Oh nevermind, it’s not well placed.”

I initiated the directional scan and launched a probe, directing it to the centre of the system and on maximum range. I was after anomalies rather than anything difficult to find.

“Rattlesnake on scan. Warping to an Angel Haven.”…

I hopped on quick last night to get my Ares back from sitting in the middle of Insmother. I’d decided that I really needed my bed the night before and wasn’t about to stay up just to travel back.

Just as I got back to base, with 48% structure, I picked up that a couple of corp mates were on a mini-roam back in Insmother. I repped the ship for free, owning stations in 0.0 is fun, and burnt my way back through to them.

We hopped around our old stomping space in Insmother, catching an Industrial ship. We used our local knowledge here to cut off all possible routes through. Sadly I was on the other gate and by the time I got near the Iteron was just a twisted wreck.

Pressing on we had the usual fun with reds warping to a POS before we could tackle them. Then I approached AGCP-I and jumped in. There were a number of bubbles on the gate. Fortunately, or due to bad placing, I was outside all of them. I did a quick scan seeing a number of PVE looking ship types on scan and warped to the nearest high value anomaly.

I narrowed the scan as I approached it. There was still a Rattlesnake on scan. He had drones out, so it looked like he wasn’t thinking of leaving soon.

“Landing at Haven. Scan shows Rattlesnake inside.”

“Everyone warp to the gate, get ready to jump.”. Today, we had everyone in the next system rather than a few away. I came out of warp…

The Rattlesnake was there. I locked him and got a point.

“Point on the Rattlesnake”

“Jump, jump”

“f**k”, the Rattlesnake pilot typed in local.

The other three members of my fleet jumped into system. I settled into orbit and started to target the drones.

“He’s pulled his drones in”

The fleet was in warp, some of them had got stuck in the bubble so only a partial failed placement.

“Drones are back out”. I targetted them again.

The rest of the fleet arrived. My shields were taking some damage but I’d almost killed one of the Beserker I’s thaSuddenly the frigate rats decided I was the best target and my armour disappeared.

“I have to warp off”

“Don’t worry we have point”.

I aligned out to a random planet and entered warp. Hmm.. 47% structure left, this was getting to be a habit.

I let the shields recover a little before jumping back into the fray.

The Rattlesnake was putting up a good fight. It still had a little armour left when I landed again and added my, measly, DPS to the assault.

“Harbinger on scan.”

We overloaded our guns to take down the Rattlesnake before the Amarr Battlecruiser could save it.

I headed for the new arrival.

“Point on the Harbinger”

The Rattlesnake went down.

“Pick up the loot”.

I tricky thing here, picking up the loot from the wreck with another enemy on the field. We’d not seen the killmail yet though, so didn’t want to risk any valuable loot being lost. I approached the wreck with my Ares trailing flames and smoke. Nothing of real value, I collected the T2 modules and returned to orbit.

The Harbinger was also proving a hard nut to crack. Slowly, but surely, his armour was whittled down and we had another kill.

We warped off and out to the next system. Still puzzled why the other eight pilots in system hadn’t come to the Rattlesnake’s aid. We didn’t have the fleet to cope with a large engagement, solo kills was pretty much all we could do. In fact, if the Harbinger had arrived earlier we probably wouldn’t have been able to kill either.

My Ares was battered again, scouting is hazardous, but this time my fleet was close enough to be able to support me in time and we got the kills.


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