Torpedos Ahoy

It was a bitty evening last night. We went on a roam and, because we had 19 or so in gang, everyone avoided us. Well I say everyone, the 50 man gang in Insmother would have very much liked not to have avoided us but 2:1 wasn’t a ratio we were prepared to test. Then we had a couple of reds in BWF and a few of us spent a bit of time trying to catch them as they jumped out, eventually pulling a logoffski. I managed to lose an Ares in that encounter, because I clicked on the default orbit button having forgotten that I’d changed the distance from 22km to 1km,. That brought me in scram distance of the Sabre and I popped. So I logged for a bit and watched some Thanksgiving Football.

I hopped back on a couple of hours later and assembled a replacement Ares and hopped around our local systems for a little while. There was a report of an unidentified red in one of our ratting systems. I flew over there, seeing the pilot in local but nothing on scan. I checked out the next system in the pipe, it was clear, then jumped back. The ratting system was clear. Back up the pipe to RLSI. There was the red, just me and him in local.

I checked the directional scan. Nothing. Its a large system though, the two gates are right out on the edge. I warped to the centre of the system to see if I could scan him there. Just as I warped off a Hound de-cloaked on the gate. Damn!

I landed in the centre of the system, scanning the whole time. The Hound was off scan, but that didn’t really mean anything as he could warp cloaked. He was still in system though. Perhaps he’d uncloaked to try and bomb me. I decided to warp back to the gate I’d seen him on and wait for a while.

The gate was clear for a while. I got distracted by the TV for a couple of minutes. The sitting still had worked there was the bomber, 16km off, firing torpedos at me. Huh? Torpedos? At an Interceptor?

As I was sitting still my shields took a little damage. I locked and pointed the Hound and urged my Ares into a 22km orbit, wanting to make sure I was out of scram and web range, and started shooting back. It looked as though the Hound was keeping his speed up too as, although I was hitting him at times, the traversal was affecting how much damage I was doing.

I moved to a 15km orbit. If he got a point on me here, he had a disruptor and probably not a scram. The message came up about being so I decided to risk moving into a tight orbit, stopped shooting, and switched to Caldari Navy Antimatter. His torpedos were occasionally damaging me slightly, enough to drop me to 60% shields, but not enough to really threaten me. I guess this must have kept him interested as I’d only got him to a similar position shooting Spike from range.

As I closed the orbit and got into optimal range I overloaded my guns. His shields melted away. Then the antimatter started taking chunks out of his armour. At this point, with his tank gone, I was expecting him to try and get away. He just kept shooting back. His armour disappeared, then hull, and he went bang.

I tried to get a point on his pod, but he must have been spamming warp and got away. He didn’t get far though, an ally caught him in a bubble trying to get out of BWF and he got the pod express home.

We’d exchanged ‘gf’ in local but I still don’t understand why he took me on. Okay maybe he noticed I was semi-afk for a minute or two, but once I’d started shooting back he’d have been much better de-aggressing and jumping through the gate we were on. Torpedos are great against big ships, not too bad against a stationary frigate, but once I started moving he had no chance. Oh well, I hope its a lesson learned.



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