Take Me To Your Leader

My recent training focus has been on leadership skills so that I can take advantage of my ability to fly Command Ships. I’ve almost got to the end of those and am wondering about my next focus.

I currently have:

Armored Warfare 5, Armored Warfare Specialist 3
Information Warfare 5, Information Warfare Specialist 3
Siege Warfare 4
Skirmish Warfare 5, Skirmish Warfare Specialist 4

The next planned skills are:

Wing Command 3
Cybernetics 5 (for the mindlink implants)
Wing Command 4

After that I’m not too sure. Is it worth finishing off the leadership skills, getting all the specialists to 5, Wing Command to 5, and a few levels of Fleet Command? I’m sure that, in the fullness of time, they will be useful but I’m tempted to switch to other skill groups that would be of more immediate benefit.

The other options are to fill out a bunch of support skills, such as getting T2 heavy drones, drone interfacing up to 5 etc.  Or to go for T3 Gallente training. I’ve got most of the necessary support skills to fit one pretty well. The only problem would be the cost of the thing. Still, it would be a good thing for the armour HAC gangs. Or finishing Caldari Cruiser to allow me to fly shield logistics and the Falcon. Or, finally, to start training Amarr, again for the armour HAC gangs.

I tend to stick with a plan once I’ve made it, its the making the decision of which plan to follow that I have problems with.


2 Responses to “Take Me To Your Leader”

  1. T2 heavies and sentries are a must for dedicated drone boats. Logistics and recons are a lot of fun, and a great way to try out ships that provide a huge change of pace from damage/tank ships. If you really intend to use ganglinks, I highly recommend training up the spec skills to five, and consider the warfare spec skill to five: the spec skills provide another 50% increase, which is immeasurably awesome, while the warfare skill is a final 10%, better than most implant/skill benefits.

    Unless you have a fountain of isk (hell, even with one) I wouldn’t really consider T3s a viable ship for PvP. Though if that’s what you think you’d have the most fun with, go for it.

    • I’ve got the T2 Sentries. They made the Dominix usable for missions, ratting, and running anomalies. Sit back, pop out the sentries. Pound the rats before they get near. Use RR to keep the sentries alive if they get aggro.

      I’ve not generally been impressed with the heavy drones due to their lack of speed, but I think its about time I got T2 heavies to see what the difference is.

      I’ve got level 4 warfare link specialist. Something I did when I was training for the Orca. I’ll probably train them all to level 5 once I can fly a few different races command ships.

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