Criminal Countdown

I fell prey to the GCC yesterday. Twice.

I was tired. We’d just killed someone in lowsec and I waited out the aggression timer and jumped my Ares back into 0.0. Someone wanted their hauler escorting through lowsec so I jumped back in. Started to warp, then changed my mind, cancelled the warp and set off in a different direction. Big mistake…

The gate guns hit me twice as I aligned and that was that. Oh well, off in my pod to high sec to get a new Ares.

I got the criminal warning when I entered high sec, but warped off to a station and docked. I bought an Ares. Then looked around for fittings. I was going to have to fly a few jumps for those. I checked the timer. The red GCC had finished. All there was was a yellow aggression timer. No problem I thought, I’ll undock…

Again the warning message. I hit my insta-warp. What was going on? I came out of warp, and there were the Caldari Navy. Two Ares down.

This time I sat in my pod until all of the counters disappeared and went shopping for a new ship. Lesson learned. Don’t go into high-sec with any counter displayed at all.

PS. I took the -2.5 security hit for podding someone in low-sec, but it was worth it.

2 Responses to “Criminal Countdown”

  1. This is why I endorse all pilots who’ve flown in nullsec for long periods of time to visit lowsec “to vacation.”

  2. Its a while since I’ve lived close enough to Empire that its possible to visit every day without any real risk. It does provide valuable lessons though. Chief of which is, “why would anyone choose to live in low-sec?”

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