Fail Roam

“Everybody de-aggress. Warp if you can, jump if you can’t”

Luckily I’d kept within jump range of the gate. I requested permission to jump.

“Jump gate activated”

We jumped into the next system.  I issued the order to align to Planet VII and jump as soon as we reached speed.

A red Sabre jumped in. It was 30 km away and started approaching…

Following the previous evening’s fun roams I joined an AHAC gang to take a short roam through into Solar Winds space. They had been bothering us, again, around Atioth and it was time for us to take the fight to them.

We assembled a reasonable fleet. A couple of Oneiros, one piloted by me, a couple of Guardians, and a decent collection of T2 and T1 armour tanked cruisers. The FC wasn’t one that I’d flown with before but all of the logistics pilots were from my corp so I thought that at the least we could keep each other alive.

We made our way down to D-I without incident and the scouts reported a gang of reds in K-I. We moved into Atioth and started the long warp to the K-I gate. The scouts had a Hurricane tackled on the other side of the gate and there was a larger fleet on scan.

As the enemy fleet landed the scouts warped off. We now had their fleet on the other side of the gate. They jumped in and immediately warped off somewhere else in system. We sent ships to the other gates. They saw them jumping in U6D. Decision time, do we follow, wait here, or continue on the roam…

The ships in K-I reported a couple of frigates on the I6- gate. They were engaging. The FC ordered us to jump the gate and warp to I6-. We followed, the logistics pilots just delaying warp slightly so as not to be the first to land.

As we all came out of warp local started climb. A large red fleet was jumping in from I6-. The ships on the gate were bait. We didn’t have much idea of the enemy composition at this point, or what was still on the other side of the gate. The FC ordered us to close on the gate. I started a close orbit, wanting to keep the traversal up, locked my fellow logistics pilots, our command ship pilot, and started watching fleet history for broadcasts.

The enemy revealed itself and the FC started to call targets. The broadcasts came thick and fast and I was trying to keep our Scorpion and Absolution alive. The fight was going against us. The enemy Drake and Hurricane gang was starting to pick us apart. The FC ordered everyone to get off the field. Warp if you could, jump otherwise. As I was near the gate I jumped.

I set to warp to a random planet and the gate flashed again. A Sabre appeared and started to burn towards where I was with two other logistics pilots. Luckily we’d reacted quick enough and were away before he could deploy a bubble. The Absolution pilot wasn’t so lucky. He’d jumped his pod as the Absolution exploded but landed in the bubble. The Sabre gave him a quick way home.

I made a mid warp safe on the first warp and warped back, then spent the next few minutes making a collection of safes in I6-. More reds warped in. I started hoping safes and looking for combat probes on the D-scan. This carried on for 10 minutes or so before we decided to pull a logoffski. We logged, waited for a corp mate in a cov ops to come and scout the way for us, then logged back on and warped out and home.

We didn’t lose too much in terms of ships but the roam was a bit of a fail for a couple of reasons. The first was that we engaged on a gate without any idea of what was on the other side. This is a no-no. You are asking to baited, and we were. In the end we were lucky to escape with as few losses as we did. The second mistake was that in an AHAC fleet you need traversal to survive. The movement is part of the tank. The FC didn’t give us an anchor to orbit so we lost his aspect. All things to file away for the future.


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