Keeping it Rael

The gate started flashing as ship after ship jumped through. The view was spectacular from the viewports of the command ship as we orbited.

The gate went quiet again. A hush fell across the ship. We knew that the traffic was hostile, our scout had reported the makeup of the fleet arriving on the other side of the gate. The question was would they engage.

Following the successful Golem kill we tried to get some order into the extended fleet to see what we could catch on the way home. With the level of euphoria amongst the frigate pilots this proved impossible, so we all made ourselves home and re-shipped to shield tanked BCs and prepared for another roam.

A gang was reported in the region of Atioth, we set destination and burned to the Atioth gate in D-I. Splitting our 27 man fleet to try and lure them into a fight a number of the smaller ships jumped in. The enemy fleet had been forwarned of our strength though and bolted. This seems often the case in nullsec combat. FCs are, in general, reluctant to engage if they don’t have overwhelming numbers or can dictate the terms of the encounter.

We pressed on towards the low-sec entry point in N-RAEL. The majority of the fleet hung back two jumps out whilst a smaller force scouted things out.

We sat orbiting the gate listening over comms to a few almost engagements. Ships moving to tactical spots off gates to avoid the bubbles. Playing cat and mouse with out scouts.

Then a Hurricane engaged. He was tackled and aggressed. The order was given to move. Burning to N-RAEL we could hear the engagement playing out. Our scout had a blue assisting him, the Hurricane was going down. We jumped into N-RAEL to find a wreck on the gate. Damn!

We sat on the UD- gate for a while and let our scouts move around N-RAEL and the adjacent systems. There were a couple of reports of ships heading our way from Konora but these failed to materialize. They must have been heading for the 28- gate instead. Then we got a new report

“BS heavy fleet in 28- warping the N-RAEL gate”

“Fleet warp to 28-”

We quickly undertook the short warp to the 28- gate and settled into a close orbit.

“They are burning off the gate.”, our cloaked scout reported from 28-. We waited for orders from our FC.

“Wait, they are reapproaching.”

“Prepare to engage. Only targetted those that aggress.”, the orders came from the FC reminding us not to waste DPS on ships that could jump back through the gate.

The gate flashed, and flashed again. Local climbed as their fleet jumped in. One by one they started to de-cloak and move back towards the gate. There was an uneasy silence as we waited to see who would shoot.

“Maurodious has aggro.”

“Primary is Maurodious in the Tempest. Primary is Maurodious in the Tempest. Let me know if others aggress”

I quickly locked Maurodious, closed to a tight orbit, and let lose with the Heavy Neutron Blasters. They were dealing 1000 damage or so a shot.

“Justicas Herror has aggressed”

“Secondary is Justicas Herror in the ‘geddon. Primary Maruodious in the Tempest.”

I added the new target and sent my drones against him. The Tempest was already deep into armour and would be down with the volley.

One by one the enemy aggressed and was added to our target list. Our fleet operated like a well oiled machine, destroying the enemy one after another. Almost as soon as they’d started they began to de-aggress and flee for the gate. We pounded on the last couple, overloading the guns, trying to destroy them before they jumped.

Once they were out of system we waited on the aggression timer and jumped. They were long gone though. If only we’d had a dictor we could have caught them on the other side of the gate.

The engagement had lasted four minutes. In that time we’d popped 7 ships and 3 pods against no losses on our part. The stellar evening continued.


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