The Score

The gate flickered and we dropped back into normal space. The systems confirmed our location as 4SO-NP. Local communications was established showing a number of potential hostiles in system, as well as the one other member of our fleet that had been instructed to jump.

“Initiate scan. Launch a probe, maximum range, look for pirate sites. Start the thrusters, minimum speed.”

We waited, expectantly, for the scans to complete.

“Golem and Archon on scan. Probe reports an Angel Sanctum at 0.8AU”

“Align for the Sanctum. Engage the warp engines”

We flashed towards the Sanctum.

“Ready the warp disruptor”

Dropping out of warp we could see the Golem and Archon engaged with a large force of Angel Cartel ships. Normally we would have assisted, but this time we were the hunters.

“Tackle the Golem. Get us out of bomb range”

The disruption field lept across space and disabled the Golems warp engines as we raced out to a stable 26k orbit.

“Point on the Golem.”, I messaged the fleet commander, “I may need some help here.”

It had been a lazy Saturday, playing boardgames with my kids, watching a bit of TV. We’d just eaten and I thought I’d check and see if there was anything going on. One of my preferred FCs was calling for an armour HAC fleet. I could do that and jumped into my Oneiros and warped to the rally point. I was joined by another Oneiros, a couple of Guardians, and a smattering of HACs. After 30 minutes of spamming corp and alliance for recruits we had a grand total of 10 pilots. With four logistics, 4 HACs, and a couple of tackle we’d probably keep people alive but we weren’t going to kill much.

The FC called for a change in fleet composition. We’d now be flying T2 frigates. I warped back to the station and switched to the warp speed boosted, probe launcher equipped, Ares. Back at the rally point we had a nice collection of T2 frigates; Interceptors, Electronic Attack Frigates, Assault Ships, and Stealth Bombers. The FC had spotted an area of heavy Russian (Care)bear activity in Cache early, so we set our destination to K-RMI5 and headed out.

We spotted the occassional red in system on the way, but nothing on scan for long, and nothing out of a POS. Arriving at our destination we formed up on the 4S0-NP gate.

“I want the Stealth Bomber and Ares to jump in on my mark”, the FC started to detail his plan to catch people in the next system. “The Stealth Bomber should warp to the Ice Belt and catch anything they can. The Ares, drop a probe and see what you can find.”


“Right. Jump”

We jumped in. I did a 360 degree scan immediately.

“Golem and Archon on scan.”

“See if you can find them.”

I moved to decloak and launched a core probe. Setting the range to maximum I set a scan going.

“Sanctum close by. Warping to it.”

I set the interceptor heading towards the Angel Sanctum. Narrowing the D-scan on the way and confirming that the two ships were in that direction. I toggled the disruptor just as I entered the grid.

There they were ratting away. Drones and Fighters out.

“Have them at the Sanctum”

“Tackle the Golem”

I was ahead of the FC on that. With my boosted scan resolution getting a lock on the Marauder was almost instant.

“Point. Come and get him”

I flipped the MWD on and got out to a decent orbit, out of range of neuts and smart-bombs, but inside my disruptor range. The rest of the fleet started to drop on the grid.

“Concentrate on the Golem. Let’s take him down.”, the FC gave out orders.

One by one the fleet got extra points on the Golem. We were leaving the Archon alone. It would be less dangerous for us if he warped off, and we didn’t have the DPS to take out a carrier.

I started taking damage. Looking around I saw it was from the Angels. I warped out, made a quick safe, and warped back to it. Listening to the fight I waited for my shields to repair then, with flames billowing out from the structure damage, warped back to the fight. The Golem was into armour now. I applied my disruptor again and resumed my orbit.

Again the Angels started shooting at me. I warped back to the safe, then back to the fight, again regaining the point. The Golem was now into structure. The it wasn’t getting away.

“Secondary point on the Archon. Call the Batphone”

I switched to the carrier and started spamming alliance and corp chats trying to drum up a fleet to take down the carrier.

The Golem exploded.

“Scoop the loot and get it safe”.

The fleet started to fill up, alliance mates joining with larger ships eager to take part. Voice comms became a chatter with people getting organised. They were 10 jumps out and there was a gate camp between them and us.

A Machariel warped in.

“New target. Keep a point on the Archon but get the Macheriel.”. The FC directed his tracking disruptors at the former Angel ship, aware of the danger it posed.

More reds arrived in the Sanctum. An Onyx, and a couple more T2 ships. Our support was still some distance away and they were prepared for a carrier takedown, not a fight with an ever increasing support fleet.

“Warp off and get safe”, the FC said from his pod.

I warped back to my safe spot, then to the gate and away.

In total we lost a Sentinel, a Harpy, and a Manitcore. Not a bad exchange for a ship costing a 60 million. When we looked at the killmail it was even better. An almost full faction and officer fit. A two billion ISK drop. We confirmed that the loot was safe. That made 200 million each for a short frigate roam. What a score and a great start to the evening.



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