CTAs and Tax

During my first time living in 0.0 we had corp ops. During these ops the tax rate was set to 100%. The reasoning behind this was, as far as I can make out, to make ratting/plexing non-profitable and therefore force more people to take part. This is starting to happen on an alliance wide level in my current situation. Whilst I understand the reasoning behind it, I think that its garbage for the following reasons:

  1. If you are having to force people to join CTAs then you are masking problems within your alliance. It implies that you don’t share common goals. Either the CTA isn’t something that everyone agrees with, or there are different goals in your alliance.
  2. It punishes those players that, for real life reasons, are unable to take part in the CTA. For the most part CTAs involve attacking infrastructure, unless you’ve got an overwhelming super-cap fleet, this means it will last at least a couple of hours, and probably longer. So someone that jumps online for an hour, because that’s all the time they have, effectively can’t do anything.
  3. It doesn’t affect the industrialists. Setting tax to 100% has no impact on mining. There is no income from rats, but in general those are tanked rather than killed and anyway that forms a small part of the income generated by mining.

The counter to this is that people will say that they get higher participation in CTAs. What would you rather have, a bunch of people that want to be there, or those that are forced? History shows that motivated professional armies always out perform conscripts, why don’t EVE leaders learn from this?

If I was still running my corp I wouldn’t set 100% tax. If I had corp members that weren’t taking part in CTAs on a regular basis I’d chat with them and find out why not. If they didn’t have good real life reasons I’d conclude that this was due them not having coincident goals and I’d ask them to leave the corp.


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