Alts revisited

I’ve decided to go for an alt, but not using the power of two offer from CCP. Instead I’ve an old second account from when I was starting to play that I’ve just received an email about. I get five free days and then get 60 days for under 20 Euros. Given the skills my active char on that account currently has that should be enough to get them to be the jump freighter pilot I want.

Its not going to be a true alt as I’m not sure I’ll be able to cope with running both on the laptop, and I’m planning on transferring the character to my main account just before the 65 days is up. It will let me make good use of my main account though, which is all I’m after.

What would be nice would be CCP allowing you to train more than one character on the same account, for a fee. Say half as much again to allow one more character to train.


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