The Power of Alts

I’m considering taking advantage of the ‘Power of Two’ offer from CCP but I’m still not 100% decided. The arguments against are as follows:

  1. I play on a 15″ laptop, a MacBook Pro to be more specific, and normally play with the laptop on my lap in front of the TV. This means that dual boxing is next to impossible. I have tried mining using an alt on a second account with the main providing Orca support, but in the end it wasn’t safe outside high sec space.
  2. I’m pretty sure I can’t afford to pay for two accounts and I don’t play enough to be able to finance playing from ISK reaped in the game. Unless I got extremely lucky with a Dread Gurista spawn or two.
  3. I’m rather attached to my main. As I’ve only dabbled with other characters before my main is my identity within EVE. To use a second character seems somehow disloyal. This is probably me just being sentimental though.

There are obvious pluses to having say a jump freighter capable alt, not sure how close I could get to this in the six months, or an out of corp industrial alt. I wouldn’t want to run two accounts beyond the six months though and would probably move the char into a free slot in my main account.  The question is would I make enough use of it for it to be worth it?

3 Responses to “The Power of Alts”

  1. I myself have a fair amount of alts at the moment, but the only purpose they fill is to support my main or to make money.

    And with regards to mining, if you use a hidden null-sec belt you should have plenty of time to get out if any reds arrive.

    I have found that running plexes is one of the things that does work a lot better with alts.

    I also had the feeling of my main character being my identity and I still do, I even have occasions where I dont train an alt in a certain area if my main doesnt have it :/

    So it can be useful, but if there’s any financial restraint or anything else don’t do it.

  2. Its very tempting, but I generally have enough corp mates around to help with most stuff. The real thing would be to have a jump freighter capable pilot. I can see how that would have been useful over the last six months.

    Off to EVEMon I think to see what’s possible in the 6 months.

    • I’ve been playing with EVEMon and I can get a pretty decent Jump Freighter capable industry alt in the time. If I can sort out paying for my main from ISK I might just do it.

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