Feeding the carebear inside

I was tired last night so didn’t feel up to the cut and thrust of combat so, although a few fleets were on offer, I sat back and killed rats with the TV on. I even went for belt rats, clearing belt after belt hoping for a Dread Gurista spawn, rather than running anomalies. Its sort of brain dead grinding in a way, but at 6-7mil/tick it helps fill the wallet.

After a couple of hours a corp mate got on comms and was advertising an escalation he’d got 10 jumps away. It sounded tempting, a pretty good chance of pith loot and a faction spawn. The only problem was that it was through a fairly decent gate camp. It sounded like fun but we couldn’t get enough other pilots to join in so left the escalation till later. Instead we ran through a Gurista Fortress, getting a nice faction battleship, but no escalation.

Lazy evening over I’m now 80% there to being able to replace my Astarte if I lose it. To be honest I’m probably closer if I count what’s in my hangers and the insurance payout I’ve probably got enough now. Once I’ve got the ISK above the replacement ship cost I’ll probably abandon the carebearing again for a while.


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