Warp drive engaged!

“Zealot has aggressed. Warp to me now!”

I relayed the order. The huge command ship aligned to the gate and I felt the warp engines kick in.

“More hostiles entering system. Abort and head to the station”

Damn! Once the warp was engaged there was no way to stop it. We’d just have to see what the situation was at the gate.

Following the success of the previous roam I signed the Astarte up for another one. It was another battlecruiser shield fleet, but with a single logistics ship and no gang link support. Still, it would just be a low-sec roam so we should be fine.

We gathered on Akora and set our destination to Akkio. Our scout headed off, one jump ahead. In Messoya he reported a faction Tempest and Dominix, as well as a Nightmare, on the gate. We jumped a couple of ships ahead to see if they’d aggress and allow us to shoot with impunity. Targets were locked, but they got a scout on the rest of our fleet and warped off to the station in Tasti.

One of our Drakes followed. Trying to bait them to engage. A few minutes passed with nothing really happening. The majority of the fleet was just off the gate aligned to the station waiting for the word. The Drake was locked… someone warped off in anticipation… Then, “Tempest has aggressed”. We warped to the station.

All DPS was piled onto the Tempest. His shield disappeared quickly, the Astarte taking 1400 off at a time. Then we hit his is armour tank. The damage rate slowed 500-600 a volley from the Astarte. The Dominix turned red as he engaged his armour repair units to assist his comrade. They then flicked off.

“Dominix jammed”. Our Falcon pilot had been waiting for the Dominix to make a move. A single cycle of the repairer was all he was going to get.

The Tempest’s armour steadily reduced.

“Tempest has de-aggressed. Overload now”.

I toggled the overload on the guns. We’d got rid of 90% of the armour now. He started to take damage to his structure. The volleys piercing holes in the armour.

“Tempest docked. Primary is the Dominix.”

Switching targets I managed to get off three volleys before it too docked. It was a good try, but we didn’t quite have enough DPS to punch all the way through the tank. Still, it would have been an expensive repair bill in the station.

We continued through Akkio and deeper in low-sec.

Our FC had lived in this space in the past and directed scouts from memory looking for ratters and plexers. We warped to the Egmar gate when the scout reported contact on the Orfrold gate in that system.

“Four Drakes and a Zealot”

We jumped into the system. Our FC warped ahead to try and get them aggressed.

“Zealot has aggressed. Warp to me now!”

We gave the command to warp to the gate.

“More hostiles entering system. Abort and head to the station”

Damn. I was just into warp and couldn’t abort. I’d have to see what was on the other side.

I exited warp into a melee of enemy ships. I wasn’t aligned to anything so orbited the gate to try and get enough speed up to be able to warp off. Also to be able to jump if I got pointed. A number of the enemy started flashing and I saw the warp distruptor icon appear next to one of the Drakes. I jumped through.

Only two enemy on the other side. A Hurricane and an Arazu. I looked for the nearest object in line and hit warp. The Astarte slowly completed the alignment and began to pick up speed… 25% max … 50% … 60%… 70%… Then I was unable to warp. The Arazu had me. I had to turn back to the gate and try to jump back through.

I got the ship turned around and toggled the MWD. Again the Astarte lumbered towards the gate gradually building speed. The gate flashed repeatedly as those hostiles than weren’t aggressed jumped in from Egmar. I was 8k from the gate as they de-cloaked, locked, and started to shoot. I might just make it…

My ship slowed. The MWD cut out as the warp scrambler took effect. Then slowed further as I ran into multiple webs. I got to 5k before I was bumped off the gate. Unable to make safety I locked targets, overloaded the guns, and started to shoot. There were too many though and I went down.

I escaped with my pod intact, one good thing about fighting in low-sec, and made the slow trip to Jita to re-ship then logged.


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