What’s in my hanger (update)

Since moving from Reckoning to Brick Squad, and from Insmother via Stain to Germinate/The Forge, I’ve made a number of changes to my hanger. As I’d done a post about its contents earlier, I thought I’d post an update.

Ares – I still have one of these. Its a useful tackler with a long point. DPS is minimal and I really have to concentrate on keeping alive, but I’m getting better at not losing them. I’ve been involved in more kills with this ship than any other.

Nemesis – This has got a bit of use as a courier, ferrying stuff in and out of Jita, but also loaded with torps for pounding SBUs and the like. Its not even fitted with a bomb launcher.

Deimos – We run AHAC fleets from time to time. This is one of my possible contributors to that. For those fleets its fit with 250mm rails, an AB, and as large a plate as I can manage.  I have an alternate fitting with blasters and an MWD, smaller plate, MAR, and better resist for ratting. It works pretty well in Gurista Havens.

Onerios – This is fitted with 3 large reppers for running in AHAC fleets. I’ve fielded this more in fleets than the Deimos, which is a shame because I don’t get on the killmails 🙂 We’ve got a fairly good logitisics team going and this is fun to fly.

Astarte – This is my latest toy. I’ve two, one rigged for shields and the other rigged for armour. As I’ve not got the necessary skills to run armour or shield gang links yet these are both fitted for DPS with 7 Heavy Neutron Blaster IIs. I’ve been using the armour rigged one for ratting and it makes running through anomalies a breeze.

Eris – This used to be something I flew a lot in Insmother but I think I’ve taken it on a couple of roams since moving up to Germinate. Where I used to have two, or three, sitting in various stations I no longer see the need for this.

Orca – I have one, but its mainly used for lugging stuff around. I don’t have any mining barges anymore and don’t think I’ll get one. I can make money quicker in the Astarte than I ever could in a hulk.

Helios – I have one of these two. I’ve used it once since arriving in Germinate. I daresay it will come in useful at some point, but for the moment its another ship that’s gathering dust.

I do have a Dominix and a Megathron sitting in a high-sec hanger but they aren’t even fit at the moment. I could do that but they aren’t as good for ratting as the Deimos or Astarte and if there is a call for RRBS I’ll jump in the logistics. I’d sell them but its probably not worth it for now. When I’ve trained T2 hybrids, sometime next year, I’ll look at fitting the Mega as a sniper BS but until then they are both surplus to requirements.


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