Training Update: Command Ships

It’s been a long slog, the longest so far, but I’m now able to fly Gallente Command Ships. I shall be nipping down to Jita to buy one, or two, once I get on this evening.

At the moment I’ve only got Command Ships 1, but I’ll have 4 by the middle of next week and that will do for a while. That seems to be the pattern I’ve got with skills at the moment. The T2 ships get to level 4 and stop. I just can’t justify the time to get to level 5. No doubt that will change over time.

Anyway, what to buy? My initial thoughts are gank Astarte, and an EOS with gang links. I can use all of the Information Warfare and Skirmish Warfare links at the moment. I reckon a combination of the two would make a pretty good addition to our gate camps.

The fact that I can’t use the armour or shield gang links brings me nicely to the continuing training plan. I really need to get Cybernetics 5 (currently 4) to fit a mindlink, then get Armored Warfare and Siege Warfare up to 5 so that I can train the specializations and get the full range of gang links available. That will probably take me the rest of the year to get all to a decent level.

Next year, I don’t know. Perhaps its time to go for BS 5 and the long road to capitals. I’m not convinced, even though a carrier would have been good during the relocations over the past 6 months, as I seem to spend more time in T2 frigates than cruisers. Maybe it’ll be better to just spend another year on perfecting my core skills before heading off for the really expensive ships.

Once I settle on my command ships I’ll post fittings for comment.


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