“40km… 30km… point on a Raven. Jump! Jump! Jump!”

If anyone has been looking at our killboard you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been camping LXQ2-T for the past few weeks. Its a nice entry point to 0.0 and Red Alliance have a station in the system so there are usually plenty of targets.

I joined a fleet that was meandering through low-sec towards it and burned from home in my Ares. I’ve not really done much low-sec combat, my sec status was 5.0, so this was something new(ish). We bumped into a Tempest and a Megathron in Otesela sitting off the Akkio gate, they didn’t run so we engaged.

The Tempest was called primary and we were soon through its shields and pounding through the armor. My orbit was a little erratic though and I kept going out of disruptor range. As the Tempest hit structure a call was made to point the Mega. I switched points and, as I did so, the Tempest warped off. Oops … we let that one get away. No such luck for the Mega, we had enough points on him to stop a fleet, and he was soon dispatched. We were hurting a bit from missing the Tempest. The FC said he’d be a bit clearer with who he wanted to point what in the future so we didn’t let anything else escape.

Whilst we were waiting out our GCC timer a scout in a Cov Ops had spotted a couple of Ravens from Trigger Finger in Uemon sitting above one of the asteriod belts. It looked like they were picking up tacticals prior to ratting. He approached and gave a warp in for one of our Stilleto pilots.

The Stilleto landed, but too far away. He had to burn towards them. The Ravens were aligning out but too slowly. One was pointed as the other warped off. The rest of our fleet jumped into system and warped to the target.

“Secondary points and DPS on the Raven”, came over comms.

“Ferox on scan”.

A Ferox from the same corp arrived in the belt.

“Point the Ferox, Raven is still primary”.

The Raven and Ferox both spat out drones. I flicked to a different tab on the overview to keep an eye on them. Oddly they didn’t go for the tacklers but for Effiemon’s Drake. What? They were going to try and fight?

I kept orbiting the Raven with my point and contributing my tiny DPS. Its shields were down to 60%.

“Legion. Second Raven on scan as well”.

“Stay on the Raven, the Legion’s likely to have a better tank”.

Again the new ships piled their DPS onto Effiemon. The first Raven was down to 20% shields now and a small Corcoran State fleet had joined us bringing more DPS.

“Spread your points and call them”.

I kept point on the first Raven as the other Interceptors called points on the rest of their fleet. The Raven’s armor and structure vanished quickly.

“Primary is the Ferox”

I shifted to the Ferox and got a secondary point on it. It popped. Sadly so did Effiemon.

“Legion Primary.”

Again we shifted targets. This was a T3 cruiser, we expected that this would take a while. It didn’t. If anything it took less than the Ferox. Looking at the fit in EFT later it looked as though it could must a whole 100DPS and was good to resist a similar amount. Complete fail fit.

We switched targets to the final Raven. It succumbed without too much trouble, and without causing us any more harm. We hadn’t got to our gate camp and we were already well ahead.

I’ve toyed on and off with the idea of training for T3 cruisers for a while now. It was in my plan to do after I’d got level 4 in all of the T2 cruisers. After seeing this I’m glad I waited. I think, that in order to do them justice, I need to buff up my support skills a bit first. Still, its a longer term aim. Perhaps once I get to 40mil SP I’ll think about them again.


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  1. Oh. I forgot to mention. My formally saintly sec status is now down to 3.5. I daresay I’ll it’ll drop further before the month is out.

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