Kills and killboard fiction

I’m settling in with my new corp pretty well, there are far more opportunities for pew-pew. Even after having a light couple of weeks carebearing I’m up to 35 real kills in my first 27 days in the corp. If you count the pods, shuttles, and noob ships the total is over 50. I’m still not kidding myself that I’m a good PVP player yet though, I still make rash decisions and forget to use some of the modules that could influence the fight.

Anyway, as I said, fitting in pretty well. My killboard percentage is 93.82. This is the killboard fiction that the title refers to. The percentage is calculated from the total ISK values of my kills and the total ISK value of my losses. These are 4.55b and 0.3b respectively. The problem is the ISK value of the kills. If they were solo kills then fair enough but, with the exception of the odd frigate, they aren’t. In, on average, I reckon there were at least 8-10 pilots on the mails.  In my mind this skews the figures of the killboards and makes everyone look better than they are. When was the last time anyone saw someone with a percentage of less than 50%?

How to address this? I think that, for the percentage rating, the killboard should divide the ISK total of the kill by the number of people involved. If we take that into account then my 8-10, say 9 on average, pilots per kill would give me an ISK value killed of 500m ISK. With losses of 300m ISK, this would give me a rating of approx 60%. This value seems a bit more realistic to me.

The issue is extended to alliance and corporate stats as well. ISK should only really be counted based on the proportion of the combatants from the alliance and corp.

The other fictional value I see on most killboards is the % chance of enemy survival. How can this possibily be derived from kills and losses? It can’t take into account those ships that I’ve had to bail on to stop losing my ship. It can’t take into account those enemies that jump when deep into armour, or those that burn away too quickly for me to keep up.

Any thoughts?


One Response to “Kills and killboard fiction”

  1. Memy Selfandi Says:

    Yep, pretty much. I’m surprised it’s not remarked upon more, but I guess nobody really minds the nice looking numbers. I’ve been playing for over a year now, and your post echoes my thoughts on the matter since about a month in.

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