After refreshing the new in Capsuleer I noticed the 1 update from Capsuleer itself.  Would this be the announcement of the fabled 2.1 release bringing an expansion to, limited, but slick application. Sadly no, it was the devs saying that because they couldn’t get what they wanted they were throwing in the towel.

I can appreciate the time spent on this project, and the impact it was having on people’s lives. In the past I’ve run, and funded, NWN servers and, other than thanks of the players, all you get is money sucked out of your account and the satisfaction of providing the service. I still don’t understand the decision though.

Everyone knows that CCP protect their copyright and IP, which is why its not possible to charge for Capsuleer, iClone, EFT, EVEMon, etc. That discussions about a commercial agreement with CCP had taken place is a surprise. CCP seem to want to keep everything in-house, so an agreement along these lines would be a major departure. It shouldn’t be a surprise that CCP moved slowly in this direction, one would imagine that they’d only agree to this if they felt it wasn’t an area that they weren’t going to enter for some time. Based on this I don’t understand what can only be described as a ‘fit of pique’.

Hitherto Roc and Sam have been happy to provide the current Capsuleer version with minimal recompense. I don’t think we’ve seen an update since the last FanFest. Why isn’t it possible to continue providing the existing version, limited though it is?

I used to have great respect for the work that they were doing, especially without reward. I suspect that the majority of other Capsuleer users feel the same. The shabby end to Capsuleer has destroyed that respect. I understand it was their choice to make but the way that it was done doesn’t sit well with me. Needless to say I won’t be signing any petitions.


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