What to do about low-sec part two

The last post was all stick, I’d like to provide some carrot as well and expand on an idea put forward by Hallan Turrek. The idea in question is the pirate gates. I’d propose to have increased pirate presence in low-sec, after all where do they all come from infesting the belts like that. So here goes:

  1. First the hidden gates. These would provide alternate routes through low-sec dependent on your standing with the pirate faction in question. They wouldn’t show up on overview normally (more about this later). The high your standing the nearer to hi-sec you’d be able to get. Perhaps even a couple of gates that reach into low hi-sec.
  2. Next, you can’t have pirate gates without the pirates being able to base themselves somewhere. So hidden outposts for the NPC factions. These would contain agents and be able to fence your looted goods. The agents would help with rehabilitating status with the pirate factions. Again these wouldn’t show up on overview.
  3. How do you get to see these gates and outposts. I’d make use of a token of some kind, a key like mission keys, or a module that scans on the correct frequencies or some such. This could be accessible from one of those agents in space. A few for each faction dotted around low sec.

The combination of these would allow low-sec to provide a bridge to NPC low-sec.

One reason for all of this focus on low-sec is the effort being made by Mynxee and the CSM to look into what is being done. On a personal note I am now living at the edge of empire, some days in hi-sec, sometimes in low-sec. It would be good to be able to something in low-sec rather than simply transiting it.


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