Cry Havoc!

Another month, another crisis, its all part of the fun of playing in null-sec. Last month we had to evacuate from Insmother due to the Atlas cascade fail. Yes, I know they are trying to paint a positive picture on it, but you don’t haemorrhage members, corps, and systems like they have without it being fail. This month our corp and alliance leader has decided to hang up his mic due to real-life issues. So everything is in flux again.

I have to say that I understand the issues and appreciate that he announced his decision to everyone, rather than just slinking away and logging on less and less. It still left us with a bit of a power vacuum with no one really wanting to step forward and lead our corp and the other corps deciding what to do. In the end the only option was to move with the majority of the PvP players to a new corporation in an established alliance. So I’m now a member of Havoc Violence and Chaos. This means another relocation of jump clones, but they have a presence in Stain so I can leave the assets I have there and just equip a few ships in our current base of operations.

One thing you can be certain of in null-sec alliances is change. I’m looking forward to getting to know my new corp and alliance mates and having fun pew-pewing.


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