Hanger: Gila

A bit of a departure for the next hanger ship. Up until now they’ve all been Gallente ships, that being my toon’s race, this one is a Gurista ship that relies on both Gallente and Caldari skills. The second difference to the previous ships is that this is my ratting/mission ship rather than a pure PvP one. Its not a pure PvE fit though, I don’t think its safe to fly around with one of those in our current 0.0 location.

‘Malkuth’ Heavy Missile Launcher
‘Malkuth’ Heavy Missile Launcher
‘Malkuth’ Heavy Missile Launcher
Drone Link Augmentor

10MN Microwarpdrive II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Invulnerability Field II
Invulnerability Field II
Photon Scattering Field II

Damage Control II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Co-Processor II
Ballistic Control  II

Medium Core Field Extender I
Medium Core Field Extender I

5 x Bouncer II
5 x Garde II
5 x Hammerhead II
5 x Warrior  II
5 x Vespa EC-600

I’m maxed out on CPU with my current skills. The aim of the fit is to maximise my passive shield tank and carry as large a buffer as I can. EVE reports 55k EHP, EFT is over 75k. I reckon I can wring a little more out of this when I finally get Caldari cruiser up to level 5.

The main damage dealer is the Garde II sentry drones. I basically warp into a belt, target any rats, pop the Gardes out and start shooting. I’ve heavy missiles rather than HAMs for two reasons; I don’t have the skills, and I need the extra range as some rats move out to around a 50km range. If they do this I can still hit with the heavy missiles and I swap out the Gardes for Bouncers.

I’m managing to move from belt to belt ratting in this fit and have yet to have any issues with a single spawn of belt rats. The only issues are if I hit one decent belt after another the recharge rate isn’t enough and I eventually end up having to warp safe to let the shields recover.

I’ve yet to engage in PvP in this ship. I think I’ll try to avoid it until I’ve finish with Caldari Cruiser.


1) One I train for them I will swap out the launchers for T2 heavies. That will probably mean dropping the Ballistic Control so that I have enough CPU.

2) I’m debating dropping one of the rigs for a sentry damage rig. This is an option, but I wouldn’t want to do it before I’ve got Caldari Cruiser V. The extra resists would help to compensate the reduction in buffer.

3) HAMs and Ogre IIs. This would be needed for proper PvP I think and I’d be looking at freeing up a mid-slot to be able to fit a tackle, and probably nano the low slots. That’s some way off though.


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